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Bucharest garage punks LAS POFTAS release new split with noisy punk act COLD BRATS

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Bucharest riot grrrl garage punks LAS POFTAS have joined forces with their local pals from 80s inspired goth and post punk tinged hardcore act COLD RATS, a new band formed by former and current members of Bucharest bands BASTOS, ROTHEADS, CARDINAL, and VOID FORGER, for a new diversified, two headed punk split record showcasing 2 different takes on punk. We’re pleased to give you its first official hearing, along with their first hand commentary below.

The idea for the split was a spontanious one, back in late 2017 we were just starting out Cold Brats, more like a side project for all the members to have fun and play punk music and we decided we should just opt for short releases since we’re too busy with our main bands. So we just asked our friends in Las Poftas if they would be up for a split with us, they’re answer was a definetely yes. Three rehearsals later, we finished two songs and hit up the studio with our friend Catalin Lungu from Bastos as the recording engineer. Each side of the split is quite diferent stylistically and lyrical, on the Cold Brats, the theme of the songs are more poetic, talking about literal concepts such as the stream of conciousness and lost love while on the Las Poftas side the themes are more personal, talking about the role of art in one’s life as a way of helping themselves on a personal and spiritual level, and how to get on with the flow of life and let loose.

The record will be released as a 7” vinyl on Romanian labels Summercide Recs, Beach Buddies Records and Italian label Hidden Hands Records from Rome. Hidden Hands Records will release the split on cassette with alternate artwork made by the owner of the label Johnny Paradise, also known for his work in SECT MARK and EDUCATION.

COLD BRATS split cover


Recorded and mixed by Catalin Lungu (Bastos, Cardinal, Rotheads) in March 2018 / Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios



Recorded in March 2018 at Michiu’s Place by Catalin Lungu (Bastos, Cardinal, Rotheads) / Mixed by Ryan Abbott (Exit Order) at Side Two / Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Catch both bands live in Bucharest at their record release show on January 30th:

COLD BRATS release show

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