Dead Heat by Cezar Salas Olvera
Dead Heat by Cezar Salas Olvera
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California Crossover squad DEAD HEAT teasing Endless Torment EP – new track streaming

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Emerging from the vibrant Oxnard, California scene in 2016, Dead Heat swiftly distinguished themselves with their unrelenting, adrenaline-fueled performances and a signature aggressive sound. They’ve meticulously crafted a sonic identity that seamlessly fuses elements from a myriad of subgenres – including thrash, punk, hardcore, and metal.

Their oeuvre is punctuated by rapid, thrash-inspired riffs, propulsive rhythms, melodious lead guitar work, and vehement vocals that regularly traverse into the realm of visceral screams or emphatic shouts.

As lyrical storytellers, they courageously navigate social, political, and personal terrains, rendering an audacious exploration of topical and introspective issues.

The band’s latest release, “Endless Torment“, is an incendiary tour de force comprising five tracks that encapsulate Dead Heat’s raw energy.

The EP was recorded at Captain Quarters Studio in Ventura, California under the deft guidance of Armand John Anthony, known for his work with Cirith Ungol, Bewitcher, and Night Demon.

The mixing and mastering were meticulously handled by Arthur Rizk, acclaimed for his collaborations with Power Trip, Municipal Waste, and Kreator.

Dead Heat

The evocative cover art comes courtesy of Hayden Hall, otherwise known as Sick Slice, celebrated for his work with Devil Master and Gatecreeper.

“Endless Torment” will be available as an LP, offering a myriad of color variations, including Tankcrimes exclusive Bone/Olive Crush with Red and Blue Splatter and Swamp Green with Heavy Neon Yellow Splatter. Other exclusive variants will be provided by Triple B Records, Decibel Magazine, and RevHQ. Digital formats will also be available for enthusiasts. To secure physical orders, please visit the Tankcrimes webshop, and for digital orders, check out the Tankcrimes Bandcamp page.

Beyond their sonic prowess, Dead Heat embodies the true spirit of punk/metal culture through their steadfast commitment to the DIY ethos and their active engagement in the broader hardcore scene. The band is renowned for their hands-on approach, frequently organizing local shows and events and endorsing a myriad of social and political causes.

Throughout their six-year tenure, Dead Heat has left an indelible mark on the scene, having released multiple EPs, a notable split with New York titans Mindforce, and two full-length albums. This includes their critically acclaimed 2021 LP, “World At War“, released under Triple B Records. Praise for the record abounds, with Revolver describing it as “one of the best crossover hardcore albums in recent memory,” Stereogum celebrating it as an “absolute ass-beater,” and Punk News lauding its impact, stating, “This is one to keep on the mantle with the rest of the keepsakes.”

Having built a formidable reputation both on record and on stage, the band has toured extensively, participating in events such as the BBB Europe Takeover tour, a US tour alongside Municipal Waste and Crowbar, and an immersive week-long tour in Japan.


5/27/2023 The Ventura Theater – Ventura, CA w/ The Exploited, Conflict, Total Chaos
6/17/2023 Rapid Skate Shop – Simi Valley, CA w/ Sunami, Cola Boy, Take Offense
7/07/2023 Rubber Gloves – Denton, TX w/ Mindforce, Heaven’s Gate
7/08/2023 Paper Tiger – San Antonio, TX w/ Mindforce, Heaven’s Gate
7/09/2023 The Mohawk – Austin, TX w/ Mindforce and Heaven’s Gate
7/21-22/2023 The Rumble Fest @ The Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL
7/29-30/2023 Sound And Fury Festival @ Exposition Park – Los Angeles, CA

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