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California hardcore / thrash SPLIT IMAGE premieres lyric video for “Demon Hunter”, unleashes new Lineup

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California-based Split Image is making waves in the metal scene as they announce their new lineup, featuring the talented Jessica Walters on lead guitar and Valerie Barba on bass. To mark this exciting development, the band has released their latest single, “Demon Hunter,” accompanied by a cool lyric video, premiering exclusively right here!

Demon Hunter” is a relentless and hard-hitting composition that seamlessly combines the aggressive elements of crossover thrash and hardcore.

This fusion makes it a perfect anthem for fans of both genres, delivering an unapologetic assault on the senses.

The lyrics delve into the theme of battling inner demons, capturing the struggle many face in their daily lives.

The band previously released the single “Prey On My Downfall” and their debut album, “Torrent of Illusion,” in June 2022, which garnered widespread acclaim. The new lineup injects fresh energy and dynamism into Split Image‘s sound, elevating their music to new opportunities.

The accompanying music video for “Prey On My Downfall” showcased the band’s gritty and powerful performance style, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Now, with “Demon Hunter,” Split Image pushes the boundaries even further, captivating listeners with their relentless fusion of old-school hardcore and thrash elements.

Split Image

The band’s passionate delivery stems from their personal experiences, drawing inspiration from themes such as loss, grief, and spirituality.

Fans of bands like Power Trip, Enforced, and Dead Heat are sure to find solace in Split Image’s relentless energy and captivating musicality. The band’s singles and album “Torrent of Illusion” can be found on Splitimage.bandcamp.com and Spotify, providing listeners with a gateway to their powerful and evocative soundscapes.

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