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Norwegian metallic hardcore band SPLIT//BITE share new corrosive single “Forgotten Place”

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Norwegian metallic hardcore pack SPLIT//BITE has unveiled a captivating new composition from their forthcoming debut EP, aptly titled “404 ends.” The EP, scheduled for release on June 9th under the esteemed banner of Loyal Blood Records, represents the collaborative effort of a dynamic quartet hailing from Bergen, Norway. Each member possesses a profound pedigree within the local hardcore and metal domains, which culminates in an electrifying and visceral sonic experience.

Within the sonic tapestry of “404 ends,” SPLIT//BITE effortlessly manifests their creative prowess, instilling the listener with a surging wave of energy. The band masterfully weaves an intricate web of chaotic and relentless metallic hardcore, characterized by thunderous riffs that reverberate with unyielding intensity and vocals that exude a corrosive fervor.

Their musical offerings transcend the boundaries of convention, fervently challenging the cultural norms that confine the average individual. Through this audacious release, SPLIT//BITE artfully delves into themes of existential anxiety, apathy, and the essence of artistic liberation.


The EP serves as a resounding manifesto, its profound message underscored by the relentless tempo that propels the listener from the inception to the denouement.

Prepare to be swept away by the tempestuous sonic onslaught that SPLIT//BITE conjures, as “404 ends” beckons listeners to embrace a paradigm shift in a society mired in the shackles of complacency.

Split // Bite

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