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Cardiff crossover metallic hardcore band ASIDHARA share new EP “Echoes of the Ancients”

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Nuclear Family Records has unveiled the newest heavy, atmospheric 4-tracker from Cardiff, UK based quintet ASIDHARA. Featuring members of Forsaken, Mind X Control, Judgement and Rancour, on “Echoes of the Ancients”,  ASIDHARA skillfully combines modern elements of crossover and thrash metal with the intricate arrangements of grim metallic hardcore, further enhanced by good modern production.

Four tracks of blistering crossover thrash to melt your brains. – Nuclear Blast Records

The vinyl pre-order for “Echoes of the Ancients” and accompanying merchandise are now live, featuring artwork by @mattabraham_ and produced by @woodcroftaudio. The EP is available in three distinctive colorways and a limited test press edition, with shipments scheduled for late June 2023.

 ASIDHARA share new EP "Echoes of the Ancients"

 ASIDHARA share new EP "Echoes of the Ancients"

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