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CAUSE A RIOT – “Terrorist'” video

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Melodic hardcore band CAUSE A RIOT have unveiled a new music video for their new track “Terrorist”, coming from their upcoming EP, featuring a new vocalist, and to be released soon. These boys have been playing gigs around the Finland, Baltic, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, and now are ready to reach out for more audience with this beast of a record. Watch the new video below and scroll further down to check out another new track from the new 4-track EP, to be unleashed soon!


No money, no job
Staring at these empty walls, what the fuck went wrong?
Could it be just my own actions, can this be without a crime?
Or maybe I just failed to hide my last dime from you

Lay the people off,
hold your raising shares
Injustice that hungry people cannot fix
Who’s the terrorist?

Send your profits overseas and hide it well
So they can’t ask what they deserve
Now there’s no money to rebuild, healthcare impossible to maintain
You don’t care, you just sell
We’re drifting to living hell

No legit rights,
No decent pay
In the name of competitivity
Responsibility is a four letter word

I refuse to be a part in this greatest sham of all time
And I will raise my fucking fist,
You are the terrorist!
You are the terrorist!

Check out “Disconnected”, another new track from CAUSE A RIOT:

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