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BELOW THE BOTTOM – “Proliferate” video

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Greek heavy hardcore band BELOW THE BOTTOM comes back with a new music video unveiled in support of their recently released record ‘Justice Served‘. Watch below. Pre-orders for the physical copy of the record have been launched at Core-Tex website.


the time has come, to step out of the line
take control of what we call our lives
we have been deceived but that’s ok
claiming what we lost, we’ll prevail

this music, and these words
will oppose -fuckers like you
do not think it’s a mere game
more like an experience of pain

words come out easy but actions still lack
why the fuck is that i can’t understand
true passion died, you fucking judge and rate
and your kind just continues to proliferate

we will never,
let the hate get to us and stop
we will never,
accept the sick way of life that is yours
we will never,
step back in line, get contained
we will always,
stay true to our heart and cause

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