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CHAMBER amplifies the chaos with new brutal album “A Love To Kill For”

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Nashville-based metalcore band CHAMBER has released their eagerly awaited second full-length record, “A Love To Kill For,” under Pure Noise Records. The band, which received accolades from outlets like Kerrang!, Revolver, and BrooklynVegan for their debut album, “Cost Of Sacrifice,” is known for their intense and distinctive sound. Now, they’re aiming to take their music to new levels of extremity.

Guitarist Gabe Manuel explained that the band has shifted their focus from being “the pretty band” to embracing a more chaotic and unpredictable sound in their sophomore album. “We’d rather be the fucked up band,” Manuel says, indicating the group’s preference for exploring deeper and darker musical territories.

The record, produced by longtime collaborator Randy LeBoeuf, was created in a turbulent period, reflecting the disconnection, isolation, and destructive behavior that was prevalent during its conception. The themes of the album deal with people being entrapped in self-destructive behaviors such as addiction, narcissism, and selfishness.

The heaviness of these topics translates into heavier songs, with techy math-rock brilliance, frantic tempos, and unrelenting antipathy. The first single, “Tremble,” outlines the sonic mission of the album, boasting blistering riffs that lead to trembling breakdowns and grooves. Additional tracks “Devoured” and “To Die In The Grip Of Poison” showcase extreme cameos from Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan and Matt McDougal of Boundaries.

Produced by Randy LeBoeuf, “A Love To Kill For” is reflective of the tumultuous times during its creation, including periods of disconnection and isolation.

The band’s goal was to create songs that fit together as a cohesive work but were also completely unpredictable. Vocalist Jacob Lilly, who joined the band in 2018, highlighted the importance of the unpredictable nature of their music. According to him, the band would overcome writer’s block by thinking about creating something fast and wild.

The album is a significant stride forward for CHAMBER, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for dextrous metal and hardcore. The group is confident that this new direction in their music will not only impact the heavy music landscape but also offer an exhilarating experience for those who attend their live shows.

Looking back at their past work, the band members consider their previous work as “too pretty.” With “A Love To Kill For,” they have certainly ended this debate, embracing a new era characterized by raw, chaotic soundscapes.


In Manuel’s words, “This is what CHAMBER’s always wanted to be. We love music that’s fucked up and crazy – in the end, I think we’re all pretty crazy anyway.”

The release of this new album indeed heralds a new and exciting phase for the band.

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