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Chicago math post rocker INOCULOUS drops meticulous and complex EP; listen!

Stepping onto the math scene with a bang, musical savant Demitri Wolfe’s virtuosic guitar lines sprint and tear through the captivating melodies pouring from his head on the newest EP from his project INOCULOUS. The mind-bending, brief, yet fiery EP meanders through his hypnotic visions of interweaving, bubbling, and bounding math rock tones set to catchy modern sensibilities. It retains twisted, progressive sensibilities, and the ear for independent radio play. Each and every note of “Innocuous Inoculant” lands with devastating precision and flows with energized passion. Dive into its wildly entertaining and joyous action and share!

“All these songs are tracks I’ve been sitting on for a while. I’m glad to be putting them out so that I can move on to the next project, a full-length LP.” – comments Demetri.

“I tried to do what I did on Creature Beach and record all the parts myself, but after demoing them out at first, I came to the sobering realization that I wasn’t able to play the drums the way I heard them in my head.”

When Demetri Wolfe wrote these songs, he was listening to a lot of Post-Kid A Radiohead and TTNG, which is where he pulled a lot of the vibes from, like melodically interesting and catchy riffs that carry a little melancholy within them. ““Blank” is honestly the newest song and it started as this guitar etude I wrote in standard tuning.” – he comments. “But I never really finished it until I put my guitar in this weird tuning (Gb Bb Eb F Bb Db), then it just wrote itself.”

Asked about his connection to his local music scene in Chicago, he offered: “I’m in the middle of feeling my way into the Chicago music scene. I just moved here about 3 months ago and with no real connections or shows, it has been hard to know where to start. My main priority would be to find a new drummer to write and record. But that of course would be when it’s safe to do so again.”

Lastly, we asked Demetri to give us some other bands tips and here’s what he got:

“If I could recommend any bands from this year, Floral just released a stellar debut LP that is ethereal from start to finish.

Standards is another great band who also just released their debut album Fruit Island full of catchy melodies that sounds like they are pulled straight from a dream.

I have also been listening to a lot of Mestis, which is Javier Reyes’ solo project and it’s all vibes and swag mixed with some virtuosic guitar playing.

Chicago math post rocker INOCULOUS drops meticulous and complex EP; listen!
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