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PURE INTENTION unleashes ‘SUDS’: a raucous ode to Chicago nights and punk’s feral spirit

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Ever since their formation in 2020, Pure Intention has been a whirlwind of raucous energy and unfiltered passion. Comprised of high-school mates turned bandmates—The Vez on guitar and vocals, Joe Oes on bass and vocals, and Gusz on drums and vocals—the trio has been tearing up stages across the Midwest with their kinetic performances. Now, as we step into September, they’re bringing that same electric charge straight to your speakers with their brand-new track, “SUDS.”

While the song’s upbeat tempo and vivid lyrics like “downed a 5th and a bottle of wine” may paint a rosy picture of boys’ nights out in Chicago, don’t be fooled. PURE INTENTION doesn’t shy away from throwing in a cheeky warning: “Don’t try this at home. You’ll puke yer guts out.” But it’s not all for show; underneath the surface-level raucousness, there’s an astute commentary on excess and its pitfalls.

Joe Oes comments on the duality of the song: “It’s a bit of a two-sided coin. On one hand, we want to capture the untamed energy and spirit of punk rock, which is what we love. But on the other, we’re aware of the dangers that come with recklessness. The skeleton imagery on the cover is our nod to that.”

Pure Intention

While Pure Intention undoubtedly brings their own unique flair to the punk genre, their influences span the globe. Bands like Australia’s Amyl and the Sniffers and The Chats have helped shape the ferocious energy that is palpable in “SUDS.”

“Punk rock has evolved and sometimes, not for the better. But there are bands out there, especially in Australia, who are keeping the original ferocity and spirit alive. That’s what we aim to do with our music,” says Oes.

The band will be making their way to The Port in Kenosha, WI, alongside Dead Living, Glad Radz, and Warplot. And for those on the eastern seaboard, keep your eyes peeled; Pure Intention is embarking on their first-ever East Coast tour this October. An EP is also in the works, promising to tackle broader issues beyond love and debauchery.

Pure Intention

“We’ve explored plenty of themes about relationships and revelry. Now it’s time to talk about the state of the world,” hints Oes.

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