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COKE BUST interviewed by Pick-Up Productions

Pick-Up Productions has COKE BUST as their featured artists now. They recently conducted an interview with the band. Check it out below:

Who are Coke Bust?

Coke Bust are 4 guys in their 20′s who are friends and enjoy hanging out, playing hardcore punk music, and traveling all over the place. We are: Jubert (bass), James (guitar), Chris (drums), Nicktape (vocals)

Some bands have some crazy story behind the choosing of their band names – does the same apply to your band?

People always ask us about this, and I wish there was a cooler story behind it. We had been jamming together for about a month and desperately needed to decide on a name before we recorded our demo. We had lots of bad ideas like “Blindspot” and “Crossfire” and then this really old guy who lived at the house we practiced at who we were friends with suggested that we call ourselves “Coke Bust” because we were a straight edge band. We agreed. To be honest, it’s not the best name but at this point we’ve been around for over 6 years, so it’s just who we are. I can’t imagine anything else.

Go here to read the full chat.

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