Comeback interview: NYC emotive pop punk rockers THE MOVIELIFE!

Two months after teh premiere of their long awaited new album Cities In Search Of A Heart, their first record since 2003’s Forty Hour Train Back to Penn (Drive-Thru Records), we sat down with influential Long Island emotive pop punk rock act THE MOVIELIFE to ask about their take on the new era, remember some old times, and find out about their future plans. Frontman Vinnie Caruana is on a mission to displace the negativity in our lives, and we always welcome such positive attitude here on IDIOTEQ. Scroll down to see our brief interview now!

THE MOVIELIFE is a band for those early 2000s punk-ish emo lovers, precursors of the 2004-2005 emo wave everyone secretly loved (or maybe not that secretly…), and “Cities In Search Of A Heart” is a very well-made throwback to that. The record is out now via Rise Records.

Click Here to hear the full record.
Hey hey guys! Thanks so much for joining us here on IDIOTEQ. How are you? How’s the current whirlwind of live shows going? How were your last shows with IRON CHIC? How was the Fest? Please tell us how it feels to be back and what’s going through your mind while being on the road again.

It feels really natural and purely fun to be playing so many shows. Being around Iron Chic was really inspiring. They are a special band. Fest was really perfect. Played a great show, and I got to see so many friends and bands that I love.

Touring wise, what’s in your schedule for the coming months? Apart from the UK and December shows in the States, will there be more shows in 2018? Can we count on a European tour?

Yes we are doing Japan in April and a big US tour in May and June. We plan to visit Europe sometime after that. It’s important that we get there. I can’t wait to explore and play some shows over there.


Creativity very often arises in times of political and social struggles and I must admit it was one of my first picks when guessing your reasons for coming back for good. Is this reunion partly a reflection on things happening around the world these days?

Yes it is. Things are so uncertain and so confusing and stressful. One thing that is certain is that I must be living my life the right way . I must be doing what I’m meant to do. Life is far too short so I want to do as much musically and creatively as possible.

Musically, your comeback record perfectly captures the spirit of early 00’s, delivering a mature appreciation for the old days, without forgetting to evolve. Tell us about the writing and recording process. How was the chemistry?

Brandon and I spent a year writing together in Tarrytown, NY where he lives and Brooklyn, NY where I live. We met about 4 days a week and our creative chemistry was unmistakable from the very start. Once we figured out what we wanted to sound like in 2017, the songs really began to flourish.

What is it about those early MOVIELIFE days that you really like or miss?

Donald Trump wasn’t president. I miss that.

What were some of your favorite records of that period?

Millencolin – Pennybridge Pioneers, Glassjaw – EYEWTKAS, Pedro The Lion – Control.

How about modern bands met on the road this year? Have you encountered any worthwhile artists who you weren’t familiar with before?

Wallflower from the U.K. was really cool. Heart Attack Man and Racquet Club (members of Knapsack and Samiam) who both recently opened on our headline US tour really blew me away too.

I realize it’s probably way too early to ask, but do you already think about where you want to take MOVIELIFE in the coming years? Will there be another album?

I’d like to keep it going and stay creative. And to see the world again.

Alright, thanks so much for your time guys! Good luck for the upcoming shows and once again, congratulations on your new record! The last words are yours.congratulations on your new record! The last words are yours.congcongratulations on your new record! The last words are yours.

Be kind.

THE MOVIELIFE online: Bandcamp / Wikipedia / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Comeback interview: NYC emotive pop punk rockers THE MOVIELIFE!
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