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COMIN’ CORRECT stream new song; discuss comeback!

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That’s it. The time has come. The legendary New York hardcore crew fronted by Rick Ta Life (25 TA LIFE) is back with the new line-up, new material and tons of positive energy to share! COMIN’ CORRECT have just premiered their long-awaited new track called “Secret Society”, off their upcoming highly-anticipated album “Drugs Destroy Dreams”. Stream it below, read the official brief introduction below and scroll down to check out my interview with Rick and Drug Free D discussing their new stuff, current hardcore scene and a few more!

Rick Ta Life and members from KRUTCH (PAHC) started COMIN CORRECT as a side project in 1995 and recorded a 2 song demo. After that they recorded a full record ‘Knowledge is Power’ on Rick’s label Back Ta Basics in 1996. After that they did numerous split 7”s, compilations, more demo tapes, and toured the USA, Europe and Japan.

In ‘98 they released the 2nd COMIN CORRECT CD/LP “One Scene Unity” on TCR and Goodlife records. In ‘99 another CD was released, “SXE or Not” on Back Ta Basics records. For the Euro tour Rick was joined by members of DAREDEVIL (NL) and BACKFIRE, including hardcore legend Richie Backfire.

In 2000 COMIN CORRECT worked months on “In Memory Of”, and became Rick Ta Life’s full time band, touring non-stop after 25 TA LIFE took a break from ‘99.

In 2002 COMIN CORRECT was put on a hiatus and Rick is still touring the world with 25 TA LIFE.

In 2009 Rick joined forces with Don D and again made COMIN CORECT US-European collaboration. The work on the new COMIN CORRECT was completed in 2012 and the new CD ‘Drugs Destroy Dreams’ is coming out soon.

The new COMIN CORRECT! Ha! Sounds at least interesting, doesn’t it, pals? 12 years after „In Memory Of”, you’re still coming strong! How does it feel to be back?


The band has always been about friendship, unity and fun, and that’s how the new CD Drugs Destroy Dreams came about. We were having fun and decided to start recording a new CD …were excited for you guys to hear it, and hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! Now we are older and fatter, have more tattoos and less hair haha.

Has CC’s line-up changed somehow? Who’s in the pack a.d. 2013?


A solid lineup is something COMIN CORRECT has never had as it is a side fun band. On this recording the line-up was Drug Free D (DFD) – Bass; Don D (DD) – Guitar; NYHC King RTL – Vocals and Brian da Drug Dealer Killa (BDDK) on the drums … backing vocals by the Straight Edge Secret Society Skinheads (SXESSS).


As you know CC was always a side project of Rick and friends: it started off with Richie (KRUTCH, OUT TO WIN, WISDOM IN CHAINS) on guitar, then Mark Thousands was on “In Memory Of”, then it was passed on and on, until I picked it up … so now the new CC ended up with DFD, Don D (ex-LAST HOPE, Bulgaria) and BDDK (MONOLITH, VA). I love both Ritchie and Mark’s guitar styles and it was a privilege to follow into their footsteps. They wrote some classic songs with CC – just remember Forever HC Pride or No Time to Lose! In 2013 the result is Drugs Destroy Dreams – New Jersey meets New York meets DC meets Baltimore meets Sofia Hardcore. Global HC Unity, FTR – Forever True Represent!       

Yeah, man. This is it!

Now, music-wise, what can we expect this time? More gritty yet positive NYC hardcore, as they liked to review your previous works? :)

I rembember your definite turn with 1998’s „Once Scene Unity”, which was way different than 1996’s „Knowledge Is Power”. What atmosphere are you trying evoke this time and what inspired it?


…old school new school…we bring it all. HC unity – punk, thrash, Oi


Music-wise, the record is for people who like AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, BIOHAZARD and WARZONE. Classic NYHC mixed with crushing mosh riffs, blistering drums and catchy sing-alongs, mighty sound and amazing production. Very appropriate for sing-alongs, 2-step, circle pits and old school pile-ons. Imagine raw power from the late 80s-early 90s with the sound of the future.  

We all saw the video with Rick Healey laying vocals for the new album. It was just a sneak peak, so I’m dying to find out more about the never-ending recording process. How tough was the struggle? ;)


As always reality…….our reality SXE …skinhead unity worldwide….Drugs Destroy Dreams….One Scene Unity….HC Pride 2013


Well, we were not rushing it, we had a lot of records behind our backs, so we knew that it would come out sooner or later … the music and some of the vox were done in early 2010, but then the studio was on hiatus for 2 years, so we waited until it reopened. In 2012 we were able to finish the vox and the backups, and to mix and master! We love the result! The record is produced by BDDK in his studio Icon Records/Velvet Recordings. Check it out.

Yeah, the unity and support theme is still here, I can smell it! “Drugs Destroy Dreams” – does it mean we’re dealin’ with a strict anti-drugs record here? Tell me more about the concept behind this joint.


…the end result is Drugs Destroy Dreams … straight edge hardcore united worldwide ….as always it is the way of life … Comin Correct SXE skinhead HC Pride


We live in a very conceptual HC, punk and metal world today … but our concept is simple – back ta basics, make it work, let the past be da past, keepin it real – that’s where it begins … we are in the underground, so we don’t change or modernize the idea of COMIN CORRECT – long hair, short hair, SXE or not – we are all in this together.

Ok. What about the artwork for “DDD”. Who’s designed it?


One of our brothers in the scene designed for us…Unity HC Pride


The global HC unity did. Our brother Vasse (CUT OFF, Bulgaria) did it. Vasse is amazing designer, very talented; he did designs for AF, TERROR, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR and many European bands. Check out Vasse’s work at


You’ve released dozens of split in the 90s ;) Considering the long wait for the full length, I realize it’s cheeky to already ask for more, but is there a chance for more? :) What still runnin’ bands would you consider perfect for such pairing with CC?


We are open to working with any new bands on splits…

Cool. I’ll have some of them hit you to do some featuring together ;)

Ok, let’s get to the point. How do you remember your European and Japanese treks from the 90s? Tell me more about those days spent on the road.


Touring is always fun. We ve been touring for 20 years now, I’ve been to Europe 30 times; Japan was a great time too. Europe was always amazing … France, Italy, Spain, Portugal,  Poland, Switzerland … Always so much fun…Eastern Europe – Bulgaria, Greece – always lotsa fun, great bands, great scenes, great food….HC  por Vida.

Do you, by any chance, remember your Polish show?


Yo Poland was always a blast … good people, great scene, HC por Vida

Your US tour with EARTH CRISIS and NO REDEEMING SOCIAL VALUE was followed by death of Richie Bruinen (BACKFIRE), who backed you up in the States. How do you remember him?


Yeah that was a good time…always had a lot of fun with Richie on tour, he was a crazy fuck, a real nutcase. After the tour when I got the news I was blown away. To this day I can’t believe he is gone… long as he was happy to each his own … or maybe now he is out of his misery – who am I to say what’s right or wrong. We all have our demons … HC por Vida HC Pride SXE 2013

How was to be back on the road with CC in late 00s? What differences have you experienced that time?


Touring is insanity; we were out of our minds. We were young, SXE and crazy as fuck…Touring is not for everyone…..when you are starting out and don’t know anyone it is ruff as fuck, but once you get to know a lot of people it gets easier…places to crash, wash clothes … wash that stankin ass lol. It is no picnic…we call it a labor of luv  … HC por Vida.

Are you curious how European scene is holding up these days? :) What are your touring plans?


We will see ya when we see ya …I’m happy to say we have no shows or tours planned for now, but this may change.

Hopefully, bro.


What direction do you feel hardcore is headed now? How do you feel about its current state and how do you participate?


We recorded a new CD, COMIN CORRECT 2013, Drugs Destroy Dreams. We hope you like it, and we hope you will choose the SXE lifestyle, be who you are, and most importantly be kind and rewind….


The HC today is a secret society – we are in every corner of the planet, the scene is bigger, but the bands are smaller and more fragmented, and at the same time we are more connected than ever. Look at us – American-European collaboration – was that possible back in 1996? The HC secret society made it possible today.

Ok.. What else should we know about the new CC and its plans for this and the next year? Feel free to add whatever you like.


We are still at it – we are the 40 year old kids at heart still repping the hardcore … hope to see you in a mosh pit near you….. Peace NYHC King RTL

Thanks a bunch for your time. I really appreciate it!


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More vids from the tracking process of “DDD”:

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