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“Conquer and Divide” – NYHC dads AGNOSTIC FRONT release new music vieo

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AGNOSTIC FRONT have teamed up with Punchdance Studios for a new music video for their song “Conquer and Divide”, off of their new album ‘Get Loud!’ out now through Nuclear Blast!

As with 2015’s “The American Dream Died”, the New Yorkers’ 12th album feels like a supremely confident re-stating of musical values, with the added sonic weight of a modern production but more than enough rawness and bite to keep things suitably vicious. If you like balls-out New York hardcore, then “Get Loud!” is as potent and memorable an example of the genre as you will ever hear. As they approach their 40th birthday, AGNOSTIC FRONT are still very much not to be fucked with. / Blabbermouth

Agnostic Front continues its relentless hardcore history, keeping true to its nostalgic formula. Like garden-variety rockers AC/DC, the band doesn’t mess with the approach that has made them the Godfathers of Bootboy Hardcore. “Get Loud!” doesn’t leave much to the listeners imagination, but perhaps that’s not the point. Hardcore has always been about creating a violent release of anger and frustration through riffs and words and would only be muddled down by elaborate songwriting. Agnostic Front coils up and, with little warning, strikes the listener with a mammoth “f**k you…and f**k your politics!”/

As NYHC pioneers and lifers, AGNOSTIC doesn’t have anything left to prove, so Get Loud! stands as a testament to the band’s seemingly limitless tenacity and the remarkable staying power of the movement it helped create, if nothing else. But those are flags the band still flies proudly, as evidenced on “In My Blood” where Miret bellows that New York hardcore “keeps me alive, with all my heart.” And there is certainly no reason to doubt that. /

The best way to really measure Get Loud! is my weighing it against the rest of the AGNOSTIC FRONT back catalogue, given how the band have always been in a league of their own. Get Loud! is a collection of well written songs that give a taste for the sheer breadth of influence AGNOSTIC FRONT have had on crossover, hardcore, punk, and everything else in between. 35 years down the line and the New York hardcore legends can still very much keep up with the kids, and even give them a run for their money. After all, they are the ones that kick started it all. /


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