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CONSTRAINT slap with strong political criticism on their new hard-hitting EP “Nerf Planet”

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Coming out on vinyl via Life and Death Brigade Records and on tape via Ugly and Proud Records, “Nerf Planet”, the newest EP from Louisville, Kentucky based heavy hardcore act CONSTRAINT (members of Inclination, Another Mistake, Damaged Goods, Wicked Garden, Love & Trust, and Gates to Hell) comes three year after their debut demo and hits you with a wall of uncompromising metal influenced hardcore. The new offering comes as a discography compilation that gathers all their work so far and today we’re stoked to give you its full stream, along with the band’s commentary on first 4 jams, packed into the core EP “Nerf Planet”, featuring new tracks with vital, straight up message, unpacked and explained below.

Recorded and mixed by Isaac Hale.

Tracks 1-4 from the Nerf Planet EP, Tracks 5-6 from the split with Contrast, Tracks 7-12 from the demo / Album art by Nick Miller / Photos by Errick Easterday

Nerf Planet is about how I think everyone regardless of their beliefs or political leanings is soft and incapable of critical thought. Everyone is sitting so soundly in their bubbles that they can’t believe anyone thinks anything other than what they think, because of this we have people like Donald Trump in power in a way that he should never have been.

Incel is about incels. Pretty self explanatory and a very embarrassing look.

Bullets Business is about the manipulations of the wealthy and powerful to get the poor and uneducated to fight and die in wars that only benefit the rich. Rich get richer poor get deader

Luthor is about Jeff Bezos. Even though I use Amazon in shame I am a frontline union worker at a grocery store. I see and feel negative impacts every day from Amazon, but more than his singular affect on the world he’s had a societal affect on the whole world. We’re in the age on convenience and it all sucks ass.

Tour Dates amidst pandemic

We had some things planned and everything has pretty much been cancelled except for Promcore in Tulsa, OK. It has been moved to October but could still be a gamble as of right now. We were actually playing some out of town shows the weekend that everything started closing down due to the virus. Had to cancel the last day. We are looking to plan some more small tours once its a reasonable time.

Some of us stayed home for a few months but as things start to re open we are getting back to work slowly. 3 of the members continued to work during everything because their works didn’t close down. Especially Tyler and Seth since they both work at a grocery store. Locally with music I know a lot of bands have been focusing on writing since there can’t be any shows. I know a lot of people are itching for larger groups to be a thing again so we can start having shows.

Louisville hardcore

Right now with the fact we can’t have shows a lot of bands are spending time trying to write music, I know I’ve seen some new bands pop up because of quarantine. Louisville is about to have a lot of new music come out over the next few months. Prime, Gates To Hell, Three Poisons, Glass Killing Floor all are currently recording music. There are a few new bands that will be popping up soon too.

Other bands worth a check

Low End, Typecaste, Gadget, Kharma, End on End, Rain Of Salvation.



1. Nerf planet

Worlds gone soft
In a search for a different word found myself at a loss
Shackled to disappointment
In a society of entitlement
It’s like a mental disorder expecting the world to revolve around you

Stop expecting special treatment for living
Life was not meant to be easy and you are so fucking annoying

Liberals and conservatives chomping at the bits
On a constant conquest to take offense

οΏΌ2. Incel

You’re a pathetic fucking pussy
Just gas on the fire of misogyny

Such a wild concept to embrace
A strikeout loser fucking waste of space
Throwing shade at a girl for denying your ass
When you’re out of your league when you’re trying to smash

You say it’s her fault you can’t seem to score when she swipes left you fucking call her a whore
No ones fault but your own you can’t get laid
But you can’t face the facts so you shroud them in slut shame

You bolster your pride and entitlement but you are a total embarrassment

3. Bullets business

Another directionless soul falls on their sword
Another poor boy off fighting a rich mans war
In an era of cowardice we hear a lot about sacrifices

The only sacrificial offering in sight is the blood of the fools you swindled to fight

The only blood you care about is black and buried in the bowels of hell
Their lives are dispensable as you commit the unthinkable
As long as your stocks keep the uptick
The hawks will never quit
Your hubris is something to admire as you commit to another Mideast quagmire

War declared by greed
Disguised it as need
One hand washes the other
As the people are none the wiser
To your obvious ruse
As your business accrues
You make up the rules and you bend them as you choose

4. Luthor

They say the times are a changing but it looks a lot more like regressing
The company town is coming back in style because the populous is too lazy to drive a few miles.
We sacrifice our workforce because we can’t make it here anymore.

A proprietor of convenience
A Superman for all seasons
A complete disregard
For the repercussions of your store

Your willingness to take a loss so the competitions crushed is the most vulgar characteristic of your sadistic existence

You pull those dividends while your employees are scared to take a piss
You obstruct attempts to organize
While your employees lose their quality of life


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