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Copenhagen punk trio INVEKTIV breakdown their new EP track-by-track

Fresh off the release of their debut EP Smack IIII Flash, Copenhagen, Denmark based alt hardcore punks INVEKTIV join our pages to share some detailed info on each and every swinging’ track and give you a wider background of their work.

INVEKTIV is the noisy baby of three foreigners living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dutch, Argentinian and British influences blend to form a fast-as-shit, beer-soaked punk/hardcore sound that refuses to take itself too seriously. Formed in 2016 in Copenhagen by Agu (guitar & vocals – Argentina/Italy, also of the band JUSTINHATE), Marijn (bass & vocals – Holland) and Mike (drums – UK; JUSTINHATE).  Smack IIII Flash marks the band’s first EP, and was released in April 2018. Their lyrics mix paranoia, being pissed off, and frustration in English, Spanish and shitty Danish. The result is a short, sharp punch to the head and kick to the balls.

We’ve been jamming together and throwing ideas around for a couple of years now, and SMACK IIII FLASH is the culmination of all our efforts. We definitely come from distinct musical backgrounds, but we all agree that attitude, speed and intensity are the cornerstones of great hardcore.

We wanted to create a stripped-down EP full of short and aggressive punk – incorporating elements of hardcore and post-punk. Due to the nationalities in the band lyrics are a mix of English, Spanish and shitty Danish.

Smack IIII Flash was recorded at Angry Music Studios in Copenhagen and mastered at Enormous Door Mastering in the US.

Copenhagen hardcore trio INVEKTIV


Short, sharp and angry. “I hope you understand, that I could also kill a whale”. For when you’re holding the violence and the chaos just under the surface.


Que le dice al nene chino que lo hace a punta de arma? 30 seconds of fury. Should you feel responsible for something just because someone forces you to be? Fuck no.


A bit more melodic then the other songs, featuring the only (one-take) guitar solo . When you can’t control how you feel, is it worth suffering to try and change it? Lose the chains and get rid of the weight.


One of our first tracks, and a little more post-punk influenced. What is the song about? Too much is never enough. Until it is. “I think I got too much, because I puke on the floor. I think I got too much, because I kick like a mule”.


Featuring our mate Kim Rock from JUSTINHATE on backing vox. Don’t you ever feel like going on a drug-fuelled killing rampage when you’re down? Well, we do.

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