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SEAHOLM retain the youthful energy of emo pop punk on their new earworm EP

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After spending the last year playing multiple regional festivals and touring the midwest, Michigan’s emo pop punk rock act SEAHOLM will be releasing their new EP I Thought It’d Be Funny on June 15th through Old Press Records. The album is a break neck paced introspection into past relationships and how they have evolved. Today, we’re thrilled to give you the first listen of the whle thing, along with the first hand commentary on each and every track, well worth the time of any fan of nostalgic, yet driving and energetic emo.

The 4-track EP is a stylistic departure from SEAHOLM‘s first album Stay Young Forever, trading moody, twinkly emo for fast, powerful, high energy power pop. The songs were written steadily over the past year as the band played them live on tour and at home, before eventually recording them at Summit House Studios in Brighton, Michigan. They have a release show in Ypsilanti, Michigan with Ness Lake, The Last Origin, Harvey Waters, and Fat Dutch on Juen 22nd, so be sure to catch them live if you’re near!


“Title Track pt. 2”

“Title Track pt. 2” was created from the question, “How can we make the beginning of our live sets more interesting?” Before this song we had never written an instrumental, and we decided to write a song that combined the weirder aspects of our songwriting with the high energy builds that drive so many of our songs forward.

“Cough Syrup”

“Cough Syrup” is an energetic sprint through the challenges of sustaining a toxic relationship, driven by a catchy guitar riff, honest lyrics, and a catchy chorus. From the opening drum fill to the erratic ending, “Cough Syrup” presents desperation and anxiety in an animated and fun way.

“Is There Pizza in Hell?”

Though the first half of this track shares many similarities with songs from our first album, “Is There Pizza in Hell?” catches listeners off guard by building from an American Football inspired opening riff into an epic frenzy that describes the challenges of moving on from the end of a long term relationship.

“Black Vans”

“Black Vans” began as a catchy guitar riff and evolved into one of our biggest songs. Punchy basslines, energetic drums, and powerful guitars drive the uncharacteristically optimistic lyrics forward. “Black Vans” is the closer for almost all of our live sets and showcases the best that Seaholm has to offer.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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