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Copenhagen noisy hardcore act EYES releases first single and video from new album ‘Congratulations’

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The Copenhagen, Denmark based hardcore outfit EYES announce their sophomore album ‘Congratulations’ for a February 3rd 2023 release via Indisciplinarian. Along with the announcement, the album’s first single and title track ‘Congratulations!’ is released alongside a music video in the unmistakable EYES manner, directed by the band’s steady visual wizard Jon Gotlev, who also created the new album artwork.

Lead singer Victor Kaas states on the title track: “We immediately knew that this would be the title track. It just stuck. It’s catchy and different. Almost kraut-like. It’s more confrontational than anything else on the previous record. This song is for the chuds on your social media feeds. The people who believe they have found the truth from a link with no sources. The people from your school who suddenly invite you to join in on an “amazing business opportunity”. The people who prefer crystals over science. Look at you wasting air!”

EYES’s two preceding releases, the self titled 2018 debut EP and the 2020 debut album ‘Underperformer’, proved EYES as a band on its own path, with both heart and brains to match it. With its genre defying musical approach and introspective generational lyrics, ‘Underperformer’ marked an innovative freshness in the hardcore scene. Despite obstacles from a pandemic, the band left an indelible impression with performances on festivals such as Copenhell (DK) and by:Larm (NO), while the remix release ‘Reperformer’ contributed to the band’s air of unpredictability.

EYES new album is entitled ‘Congratulations’, even though there isn’t much to cheer about at the moment. The album is a further development of EYES’ sound and style with the band focusing even more than before on melody, off kilter hooks and deep grooves throughout the album’s ten songs collectively shaping an unpredictable, rough rocking and catchy hardcore record produced razor sharply by Jacob Bredahl (LLNN, Lifesick a.o.).

Distrust among people and conspiracy theories, war and environmental catastrophe on the horizon, economic downfall and increasing inequality. The Western world anno. 2023 is the foundation of ‘Congratulations’ and its volatile, confrontational songs. Opposite the internalized thematics of ‘Underperformer’, the doubting self reflection has now turned into anger and a feeling of powerlessness towards a world, where the rich get richer and living conditions are worsened for everyone else. A world, where the younger generations are abandoned again and again. A world, where the only available distraction is to scream into an infinite digital void or to find an alternative reality while looking down on the so-called sheep following the flock and false prophets.

‘Congratulations’ will be released on LP, CD. MC and digital formats, with the CD version as a co-release with label comrades Nefarious Industries in the US.

Live shows for 2023 will be announced shortly.

EYES is: Søren Bomand – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Rasmus Furbo – Guitar, Kenn Bendtsen – Bass, Simon Djurhuus – Drums, Victor Kaas – Vocals

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