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CRIME IN STEREO share another solid single “Goliathette” – new comeback album approaching

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After a 13-year hiatus, Crime In Stereo is poised to reclaim the music scene with their much-anticipated album, “House & Trance“. Set to debut on 27th October 2023 via Pure Noise Records, the album promises to encapsulate the raw angst and discontent of the present era.

The band has already shared a taste of what’s to come with singles like Hypernormalisation, Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire, and Rogue Wave. Their latest offering, Goliathette, further raises the bar. With cryptic lyrics that delve deep into the artistic revolution of the early Vaportecture movement, the single subtly critiques society’s relationship with art and funding.

“House & Trance” stands out not only for its sonorous tunes but also for its poignant commentary on the contemporary world.

The tracks are imbued with the pressing concerns of 2023, be it the implications of neoliberalism, the rise of fascism in the US, or the gnawing isolation born from corporate politics. They echo the collective conscience’s grievances, capturing the daunting crises, both environmental and systemic, that hang over the world.

What makes this album even more profound is its grounding in personal experiences. Dunne, the band’s guitarist, underwent emergency surgery during its recording after a life-threatening septic infection. The stark reality of his brush with death finds its voice in the lyrics, where celestial forces, like the sun, are painted as threats.

Yet, the album is more than just a critique of the societal issues plaguing the world. As much as it reflects the band’s anger towards the system, it simultaneously underscores the shared human experience in these testing times.

For Hallbert (vocals), the disheartening state of affairs in the US is not just political but deeply personal. He highlights the inherent absurdity of labelling humane views as ‘political positions’.

Interestingly, the album’s title, “House & Trance“, encapsulates this duality. While it plays with musical genres, it also resonates with the challenges of mundane existence. As Dunne puts it, the title mirrors the draining demands of modern life, where one is caught in a trance, shackled by societal pressures.

While “House & Trance” is born out of turmoil, be it global or personal, it is, paradoxically, a beacon of hope. Through their music, Crime In Stereo invites listeners to join a dialogue that has spanned decades but is more relevant now than ever. Amidst all the despair and decay, the album stands as a testament to the undying spirit of resistance, reminding us that beauty, salvation, and hope can be carved out of even the bleakest realities.

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