Va Fa Napoli by @betonbrennt
Va Fa Napoli by @betonbrennt
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VA FA NAPOLI: bridging emo with punk spirit

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The story of VA FA NAPOLI unfolds amidst a series of lockdowns, the echoes of the past, and the raw energy of their shared musical journey.

Hailing from Vienna, Austria, as the world grappled with uncertainties during the 2020/2021 lockdowns, the seeds of VA FA NAPOLI were sown. Relocating to a new practice space, the band dove deep into the intimate realm of songwriting.

This endeavor culminated in the creation of their self-released demo EP earlier this year, a project conceived with a distinctive DIY flair. Eschewing the need for technical perfection, VA FA NAPOLI endeavored to capture an authenticity; a sonic charm that they hoped would resonate with listeners.

The members aren’t newcomers to the scene, and their intertwined histories speak volumes about their collective depth.

David, the drummer, with his previous associations with Echelons, Bicycle Terror, and Cryptal Echoes, brings more than just beats to the band. His vocal harmonies are a testament to his versatility.

Tobias, the guitarist, known for his association with Pettersson, crafts intricate melodies and spearheads the band’s recording and mixing endeavors.


Daniel, strumming both the bass and guitar, has been associated with Lorraine and the ephemeral emo project, Usual Regret. His aesthetic sense shines through as he steers VA FA NAPOLI‘s visual direction.

Jonas, with a decade-long association with the scene, not only lays down robust bass lines but is the strategic mind behind PR, bookings, and management.

va Fa Napoli

Their collective past resonates with fleeting yet memorable associations, like the short-lived hardcore/punk project Pasta from 2017/18 that saw Jonas, Daniel, and Tobias collaborate before it faded into obscurity.

VA FA NAPOLI draws influences not just from their punk backgrounds but also from stalwarts like I Love Your Lifestyle, Sport, Rollergirls, and Crash of Rhinos.

Yet, there’s a diverse range, from Cloud Nothings to the sun-soaked vibes of the Beach Boys. They also tip their hats to emerging bands like Stegosauro and Moshimoshi, symbols of a thriving musical scene.

Aesthetically, the band showcases an intriguing visual dynamic. Rooted in a vision of a punk-ish yet playful vibe, their artwork reflects this energy. Daniel, inspired in part by the Beach Boys’ ‘Pet Sounds’ and the overall aesthetic of Druckwelle and Volodea Biri, ensures that the band’s look mirrors its sonic essence.

Va Fa Napoli by @betonbrennt
Va Fa Napoli by @betonbrennt

As for their live performances, with only four shows under their belt, the upcoming Italian tour feels like a new chapter.

What began as a whimsical idea of touring Italy turned into a reality met with an overwhelming response. With legends like Raein, Vizeprez, and Stegosauro sharing the stage, the upcoming 11 shows promise to be electrifying.

Va Fa Napoli by @betonbrennt

Looking ahead, while 2024 remains unplanned, the whispers of new songs have begun to surface, hinting at the possibility of an LP. While individual pursuits, both musical and otherwise, challenge the band’s scheduling, their excitement for the imminent tour is palpable.

Stay tuned to discover recommended bands and artists as exclusively curated by VA FA NAPOLI and available below!

Va Fa Napoli tour dates:

Poster by @schaffer_ledolter
Poster by @schaffer_ledolter

25.10. Graz / AT @Sub (+ Trauma Glow, Hyperdog, Trigger Kid & The Ending Man)
26.10. Klagenfurt / AT @secret venue (+ Trauma Glow)
27.10. Padova / IT @Circolo Nadir (+ Leita, Leach, Vidici)
28.10. Piacenza / IT @Giardini Sonori (+ Stegosauro)
29.10. Carpi / IT @Circolo Mattatoyo
30.10. Fabriano / IT @Il Corto Maltese (+ F4)
31.10. Napoli / IT @Scugnizzo Liberato (+ Raein, Viceprez & more)
01.11. Perugia / IT @Free Ride (+ Canale)
02.11. Milano / IT @Casa Occupata Gorizia (+ Monteluna, kha!)
03.11. Pordenone / IT @Astro Club (+ Trauma Glow, Vremja)
11.11. Vienna / AT @Venster99 (+ Stegosauro, Hyperdog)

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