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Cybergrind act ZOMBIESHARK! shares “Heads I Win, Tales You Lose, You Are My Sunshine”

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Philadelphia-based cybergrind artist ZOMBIESHARK! announced a collaborative venture with Theoria Records, marking the occasion with the release of a trailblazing new single titled “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, You Are My Sunshine.”

The track encapsulates the torment of feeling voiceless and overlooked, akin to a ceaseless, vicious cycle as described by Cory Swope.

The single will resonate with fans of bands like Mouthbreather, Horse the Band, and See You Next Tuesday among others, as it traverses the chaotic realms of metal and electronica.

“The suffocating feeling of being trapped without a voice, feeling unheard or unseen. It feels like an endless repeating cycle that simplygoes on and on.” – Cory Swope

In the accompanying music video for “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose, You Are My Sunshine,” ZOMBIESHARK! portrays a nightmarish yet captivating visual narrative. For those keen to delve into this auditory mayhem, the track is available for streaming and download online.

Zombie Shark

ZOMBIESHARK!, known for its “Mutant cybergrind from the sewers of Philadelphia,” is a solo cybergrind endeavor praised for its adept fusion of ferocious electronic metal and hauntingly poignant emotional transitions, creating a one-of-a-kind musical panorama.

Having previously released a series of self-crafted EPs and singles, ZOMBIESHARK! has carved out a distinctive sound that has garnered a dedicated following. The act’s live shows are a spectacle of electrifying visuals and potent energy, embodying the essence of a “cybergrind” experience and mesmerizing audiences with an unparalleled sensory assault.

Their 2020 debut album, ‘I Will Destroy You, Myself, and Everything I’ve Ever Loved,’ flaunted a tasteful equilibrium between scorching grindcore riffs and glitch-laden electronica, earning accolades in both the extreme music and electronic domains.

ZOMBIESHARK! is hailed as a monumental stride in the evolution of the cybergrind genre, destined to become a familiar name in the scene. Their music, a somber exploration of the fragile human psyche, delves into themes such as mental illness, suicide, depression, anxiety, despair, and personal failure.

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