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DAISY CHAIN (member of Graf Orlock and Mossbreaker) blend hardcore punk with hard rock havoc in new single “Beat of the Chain”

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Daisy Chain, a musical ensemble comprising of members from Graf Orlock and Mossbreaker, materialized in the year 2017. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres such as ’90s grunge and post hardcore, early ’80s punk, and contemporary hardcore, the band seeks to create a unique soundscape that defies classification. Today, we’re stoked to give you their new album opener, the wild new tune “Beat of the Chain”!

“Beat of the Chain” is the first track off the upcoming LP “The World is Not Spinning“. Opening with an anthemic, hooky verse and chorus, this track sees the catchiness of classic arena rock through the lens of noisy, contemporary hardcore. Los Angeles’ Daisy Chain mix together a mess of influences into a cohesive and tight debut offering.

Daisy Chain

The band’s debut You Moved Like I Wanted To was a frenzied mix of Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr., and Jesus Lizard. Their follow up 7” Hard Rock Lives, and subsequent singles, have found them incorporating a more mature approach to songwriting coupled with their powerful, distortion-driven sound. Growling vocals, chainsaw guitars, thundering bass, and mammoth drums make every song a sonic onslaught of punk rock potency blended with hard rock havoc.

Daisy Chain’s forth-coming release, The World Is Not Spinning, can only be described as a lesson in riffing. The album delivers more—more fuzz, more fills, more fury—from start to finish. Tracks such as “Beat of the Chain” and “Roll the Dice” conjure the hard rock feel and attitude of the late-’80s Sunset Strip while “Nothing in Your Hand” and “The World Is Not Spinning” echo the influences of their hardcore and noise punk predecessors.

Comments vocalist Kyle Barnes: “The lockdown brought a lot of uncertainty. I listened to a lot of 70’s/80’s stadium rock and always loved the loud, pompous sing along songs. The song was big so I wanted the lyrics to be big. It brought about somewhat of a fantasy scenario of being in that time and place and the question of what if you were the biggest band in the world? That framework is how I saw this track, thinking about the pressure and constraints of doing something like this in a capacity other than just the time off between jobs.”

The World is Not Spinning was engineered and mixed by Gabe Van Benschoten. Mastered at Rogue Planet by Mike Katajian. Produced by Gabe Van Benschoten and Daisy Chain. The album will be released on Vitriol Records on April 21st. Pre-order HERE.

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