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DARK CIRCLES, who have recently unveiled their killer new record MMXIV, will be touring Europe this July with THROWERS from Leipzig, Germany. See the details below.

THROWERS commented:

As you may know…we care for some good holiday-adventure-time…and to get some of the good stuff we decided to travel Southern and Eastern Europe this summer (including some stops in Germany)

Since there’s a lot of space left in our van we teamed up with the guys from DARK CIRCLE …hurray!

“Dark Circles are not a “blackened” hardcore band, like say Rorcal or Hexis are. They are purely a hardcore band, but there is something going on with their music and its overtones that is completely fucked and filled with unchallenged darkness,abandon and despair. There isn’t much blasting or dissonance here or any other black metal-sounding shit going on, but nevertheless, Dark Circles’ music sounds EVIL and tortured as fuck, even within their obvious punk roots. The groundwork of their sound is a painfully abrasive and pissed of form of d-beat hardcore. entwined at various levels with crust punk, post-punk and powerviolence/grind.  In general, at its core the music is very melodic and riff-oriented, and because of this, you will notice similarities between the band other epic crust bands like Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Fall of Efrafa, Planks and the such. “CVLT NATION””

Tour Dates:

06.07.2015 – Southern Poland/Czech Republic (Still available)
07.07.2015 – TBA, Vienna (Austria)
08.07.2015 – TBA, Budapest (Hungary)
09.07.2015 – TBA, Novi Sad (Serbia)
10.07.2015 – Kapu, Linz (Austria)
11.07.2015 – Northern Italy/Slovenia (Still available)
12.07.2015 – TBA, Bologna (Italy)
13.07.2015 – Northern Italy/Switzerland (Still available)
14.07.2015 – Northern/Eastern France (Still available)
15.07.2015 – Germany/Netherlands (Still available)
16.07.2015 – TBA, Hamburg (Germany)
17.07.2015 – Reil78, Halle (Saale) (Germany)
18.07.2015 – Germany (Still available)
19.07.2015 – DOM, Lodz (Poland)
20.07.2015 – Northern Poland (Still available)
21.07.2015 – Lithuania (Still available)
22.07.2015 – Northern/Eastern Poland (Still available)
23.07.2015 – TBA, Krakow (Poland)
24.07.2015 – FLUFF FEST, Rokycany (Dark Circles only) (Czech Republic)

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