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Dark wave / electronic queer doom goths REVERSELS premiere new album “LaSabre”, listen!

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Combining elements of doom, electronic, and industrial music, the album is a darkly euphoric journey covering everything from all night dance parties to religious symbolism, ‘LaSabre‘ by Asheville, NC based duo REVERSELS is a perfectly subversive collection of songs and a delicious romp through the world of queer and trans creative expressions. Today, we’re stoked to give you its first official listen, along with the band’s special track by track rundown below!

By sheer coincidence, both members of this queer doom pop band were raised in different cults. The leader of the cult that Pretty Boy Floyd was immersed in pressured families to have vasectomy reversals, glorifying limitless procreation. The children born after these procedures became singers in the leader’s “Reversal Choir,” children who were told they owed their existence to him.

In the beginning of 2018, Pretty Boy and Story began discussing what would eventually become their own Reversels, a dynamic sonic departure from the predatory, misogynistic, homophobic, and authoritarian environments of their youth.

The band continually strives to reverse these harmful teachings through their music, an attempt to sing-into-being a world of gender diversity, sex positivity, individual growth, and healing.

Two albums and numerous live shows later, Reversels’ sound continues to evolve with their third full album release, LaSabre. Dancing both poignantly and playfully through themes of queer love and loss, the band continues to advocate for the underdog and the demonized, rejecting oppression and celebrating life & death in all of their majesty.

Look for LaSabre everywhere on July 23rd 2021.

Fun fact: Both members grew up in separate evangelical cults! The leader of the cult that Pretty Boy was immersed in pressured families to have vasectomy reversals- glorifying limitless procreation. The children born after these procedures became singers in the leader’s “Reversal Choir.”


This song was written while driving a borrowed convertible on the way home from a spectacular queer punk show.


For centuries the demon Azazel has been considered a symbolic, sacrificial scapegoat for the sins of a community. The Christian narrative later portrayed Azazel as a fallen angel responsible for introducing humans to forbidden knowledge.


Relentless is a world weary reflection on the transitory nature of relationships, and how growth is frequently accompanied by the loss of what has been familiar or comfortable. The feeling that comes from knowing something is about to end.


Based on Camus’ interpretation of the myth of Sisyphus, specifically the concept that life is ridiculous and chaotic, and yet still worth living.

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Photo by Michael Morel at Polychromatic Portraiture

Torch Song

A fierce love letter to every sex worker who’s ever had to cater to patriarchal cruelty in order to survive.

The Real Pretty Boy Floyd

Pretty Boy’s name is taken from their cousin, the folk hero bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd who supported dozens of impoverished families in the 20’s and 30’s. Their heroism continues to inspire us to this day.

SoftBoi Rabbithole

A cheerful “Fuck you!” to anyone abusing positions of power.


Written as a queer spell, Wonderland is about the magic, wonder, and queerness inherent in humanity and all of nature.


A collaboration with our friend VVitchboy about butts and candy.

Boom Kitty

We like sex parties. Very, very, queer sex parties. They sound like this.


This is an affirmation to not cross one’s own boundaries for external validation.

It’s about masturbation, inner sensuality, self love, and acceptance.


Written in the woods, on mushrooms. An ode to life, death, and rebirth.

My My

A love song to someone who is missed very much.

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