Ends of Sanity by COURTNEY BREEN
Ends of Sanity by Courtney Breen
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DAZE label drops another excellent hardcore banger – listen to ENDS OF SANITY!

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Winston Salem, NC based hardcore band Ends Of Sanity (ex-members of Magnitude, Lifes Question, Detirement, Dwell) has set the scene ablaze with their latest release, a new EP that promises to deliver a fierce and unrelenting sonic assault. Eligible To Die, a powerful addition to the DAZE label catalogue, has will surely make waves in the hardcore community with its groovy and meaty riffs, impressive production, and an energy that will leave you craving for more.

Drawing influences from bands like First Blood, Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho, and the legendary Pantera, the new offering not only features a collection of intense tracks but also includes bonus songs from the band’s debut self-titled EP released in 2021.

Aggressive vocals lead through five mosh-ready tracks fueled by intense drum fills and clashing cymbals.

Kicking things off with the title track, the band’s musical chops are on full-display before heading into the speedy, callback track “See Through You”. “A Life, A Lie” bleeds out lyrics decrying manifestation and Merauder-style guitars emphasize the realities of a wasted life on “Last Rites”. On the final track, simply titled “Outro”, Ends Of Sanity continue to bring the heat with time to get a few last spin-kicks in before you hit repeat.

Eligible To Die was recorded and produced by drummer Jeremy White and follows Ends Of Sanity’s 2021 self-titled EP. Having already played alongside acts like Madball, Merauder, and Pain Of Truth, the band will head to Detroit, MI this weekend for Tied Down Fest sharing the stage with Trapped Under Ice, Drain, Xibalba, and more.

They have also announced a few northeast and Canada dates in July, full routing below.

June 4 – Detroit, MI @ Tied Down Fest

July 27 – Long Island, NY @ Sand City South
July 28 – Worcester, MA @ PNI Club
July 29 – Montreal, QC @ Foufounes
July 30 – Toronto, ON @ Toronto Style

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