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xIRON SHARPENS IRONx rework Foo Fighters’ “My Hero” for a new compilation for suicide prevention

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In their ongoing mission to pay homage to their musical influences, xIRON SHARPENS IRONx has dropped a bombshell with their latest cover. Following their crushing renditions of Hatebreed’s “Smash Your Enemies” and the Deftones classic “Engine No. 9,” the band has taken on the iconic Foo Fighters hit, “My Hero.”

According to the band, this cover is a heartfelt dedication to the influential individuals who have played a significant role in shaping their lives and molding them into the individuals they are today.

The band’s version of “My Hero” will also be featured on an incredible compilation album, also dropping today. The compilation, titled Lighter Hearts For A Hope Filled Cause: A Michigan Compilation for Suicide Prevention, is a musical endeavor designed to raise funds for suicide prevention through The Trevor Project.

The compilation marks a follow up to the 2020 Heavy Hearts For A Hope Filled Cause: A Hardcore​/​Metal Comp for Suicide Prevention that we featured HERE.

This remarkable compilation was masterminded by xLarryx of xIRON SHARPENS IRONx, alongside Colt Snuffer and The Dead Horsemen. It features a lineup of talented artists and bands, including Spike The Media, Found Innocents, THV, The Winter After, The Burdens, Woodschool, and many more. The collaboration of these musicians aims to contribute to a noble cause while showcasing their remarkable talents.


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