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DEAD MAN’S CHEST unveil their version of “As The World Burns” by BOLT THROWER

Heavy hardcore / metal hitters DEAD MAN’S CHEST have premiered their version of death metal classic “As The World Burns”, originally by BOLT THROWER, taken from their 1992 record “The IVth Crusade”.

The song opens like a cinder block to the jaw and stream rolls forward. The leads, the solos, the bulldozing energy from the original is all here. Though Dead Man’s Chest version might have some throwing fists, spin kicks or stage dives. / Metal Injection

Hear the original below:


Turn around and shield your eyes
Don’t look back as the earth dies
No tomorrow for eternity
The apocalyptic prophecy

Few shall survive the final war
Our futile lives shall be no more

Innocent victims of the nuclear glare
Are torn apart as they stand unaware

The whole world is radioactive
What’s left of man now unproductive
None shall escape the fallout rain
Our future life shall be steeped in pain

Feel the chill of the nuclear winds
Our planet’s downfall shall now begin

No excuses for the vast destruction
Caused by man with no comprehension

Life expectancy now decreases
As atomic warfare rapidly increases
Our foolish games, what have we learned?
No time for sorrow as the world burns

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