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Hardcore punks HARD STRIKE premiere debut EP of 4 old school, melodious tracks to get you naturally high

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Soon after their brief introduction on IDIOTEQ in late December 2019, new German posi old school hardcore punk band HARD STRIKE are back with the full stream of their debut EP, and we’re thrilled to co-present it along with German mag Away From Life!

HARD STRIKE’s 4-tracker is an obvious tribute to the hardcore sound of the late 80’s and early 90’s, with lyrics, which are very direct and therefore leave no room for interpretation, criticize the social brutalization and the resulting impotence, which increases in anger with a small pinch of hope in the finish.

The 4 songs were recorded in Cologne with Christoph Scheidel in the 79Sound Studion and with Mike Schleibaum in The Riff Dojo in Washington DC. The EP is available via Backbite Records.

At the beginning of 2019 the two longtime friends Martin Schultz and Markus Münch finally found the time to start a band together, Hard Strike was born. After the first 2 songs were written, Markus contacted his old bandmate Maurice Müller for the drums and Martin his friend Dan Africa for the bass.

As it became clear that a second guitar would advance the sound, Martin contacted Ken Olden with whom he had become friends in recent years. After he gave him the first ideas, Hard Strike was complete.

Hard Strike Band
HARD STRIKE by xembracex.de

Hard Strike are: Vocals: Martin Schultz (Blank, The Crane, Arsen, Null Art); Guitar: Markus Münch (Bone Idles, Baffdecks, Fertilizer, The lonsome, Dragstrippers); Guitar: Ken Olden (Damnation a.d., Battery, Better Than A Tousand, Worlds Collide, Shelter, Youth Of Today, When Tigers Fight); Bass: Dan Africa (Punch, Bullets In, I Recover); Drums: Maurice Müller (Bone Idles, Weird Owles)

Live activities are not planned in the near future, but we will write new songs, if we have enough material for a live set and people like our music and support us, we will certainly try to get it all on stage. Let’s see what the next few months bring.

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