DEMERSAL by Katrine Søndergaard Sørensen
DEMERSAL by Katrine Søndergaard Sørensen
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DEMERSAL and REGARDING AMBIGUITY embrace various shades of screamo and post hardcore on great new split release!

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Danish screamo acts DEMERSAL and REGARDING AMBIGUITY have come together to release a split containing two hard hitting songs from each band. The 4-tracker comes as a masterclass in songwriting and meaty production and represents the work of accomplished artists with their strong place in the European screamo scene.

The record will be released on 7” vinyls in collaboration with Dingleberry records and on tapes through Tomb Tree Tapes, who commented: “We’ve been a fan of Denmark’s REGARDING AMBIGUITY since the ‘Flayed’ release, and these two new songs take that flair and dip it in another coat of metallic hardcore/screamo. Take a gander at a mere 10 seconds of opener “Noose“ and you’ll get the idea. DEMERSAL also hail from Denmark and drop two new absolute bangers that take the chuggy, fast and tight metallic hardcore from their 2020 full length and expand it whilst simultaneously stripping away any fat whatsoever. The dense, finely-honed and explosive evolution permeates through both stellar jams.”

Comments Demersal: “Parasitic love affairs” and “It’s an awful walk towards you” are both touching upon concrete subjects; dealing with desperation and anger in abusive relationships, and more intangible feelings experienced when confronting a world in decay. Both songs explore different emotional states and points of view of a person caught in a downward spiral.”

Cover artwork by Jonas Maigaard.

Regarding Ambiguity has their commentary about their part of the split: “”Noose” is somewhat an atypical RA song. Very punchy and in your face with a combined emo mid section. It almost resembles a mix of our two biggest influences in Converge and Touché Amoré. Apart from that it’s the one song that we’ve spent the most time learning to play, as the main riffs are harder than what we’ve written in the past.”

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Regarding Ambiguity by Inskramz
Regarding Ambiguity by Inskramz

“For “Pugilist“, we’ve actually recorded this song before. It was featured on a split with Disillusionist. However we were quite unhappy with how it turned out after being mixed and mastered. The song itself was written by our previous vocalist Jakob Høy. As I recall, it was heavily influenced by Loma Prieta. Especially the song “Fly By Night”, that’s also one of our favorite Loma songs.”


Demersal: Both songs are written and performed by Demersal. Drums recorded with Tobias Munk Tønder at Angry Music Studios. Guitars and bass recorded with Jonas Johs Andersen at Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen. Vocals recorded at Akademiet, Copenhagen. Mixed and mastered by Zack Farrar from Choir Room Audio. Regarding Ambiguity: Recorded 20th & 21st of November 2020. Both songs are written and performed by Regarding Ambiguity. Produced by Regarding Ambiguity. Recorded at No Master’s Voice. Mixed and mastered by Chris Kreutzfeld.


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