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DESOLATE x CREATE – “Sleep” video

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With the recent diss on bands like BEING AS AN OCEAN and other melodic/modern hardcore bands well focused on merch designs and fashion, the latest effort from Germany’s DESOLATE x CREATE won’t be for everyone, but I can’t help but recommend this new single and the band to everyone. Their blend of post rock, ambient sounds and post hardcore is just surreal. It strikes your interest just fine and offers a hope for something more, no doubt about that. Definitely pick it up, and you will not be disappointed.

A half full cup of nothing.
An empty glass of something I will never see.
Never see again.

You made me feel confident in my own shoes,
A state of mind that I would forever lose.

You released me from the weight of this burden.
You made me feel so alive and now I’m dead.

And as I lay in bed every night
Your ghost sings me to sleep.
And as I’m falling asleep next to her, I still wish it was you.
I wish it was you.

And the truth is I’m so scared of what’s coming next.
I fear the morning sun
and every single breath I take, every breath I take.

When will this end
I’m done
I’m done with this place

When will this end
I’m done
I’m done with the world.

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