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“Devil, Walk With Me” – HOPELESS YOUTH from Montréal streaming new record!

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2 years after their interview for IDIOTEQ, Canadian hardcore band HOPELESS YOUTH are back with a new noisy offering called “Devil, Walk With Me”! IIt has just been self-released on a label they started called Rainville Records and it’s available on a one sided 12″. Pluto Records has released it digitally as well. Drawing from various hardcore subgenres, including chaotic and dissonant arrangements, fast thrashy racing, crust and more metallic, blackened and doom inspired downer riffs. The EP is a follow up to the band’s Candlelight Records full length debut in 2014 and marks their first record as a 4 piece since half the band left on creative differences. “Devil, Walk With Me” serves satisfyingly fearsome sludgy hardcore and I truly believe HOPELESS YOUTH succeed in ensuring it remains engaging. Dive into their sound that draws from many of your favorite facets and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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