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Domenic Romeo (A389 Records / PULLING TEETH) interviewed by Bring On Mixed Reviews

Bring On Mixed Reviews conducted an interview with Domenic Romeo from PULLING TEETH / A389 Records.

Hello Dom, so A389 Records is quickly approaching the announcement A389-100 seems like only months ago I started following the label after picking up A389-020 Pulling Teeth- Martyr Immortal at a local record store, care to reflect on such an accomplishment on a label?

I would often think to myself that either 100 releases or 10 years would be the ultimate goal for A389. As of now we just hit 100 releases in our 8th year of existence, and still have plenty to go. Maybe 10 years will be the next milestone, I dunno. It’s a total labor of love regardless. Time just flew by and took a lot of bands/records along for the ride. I’m happy to still be here and to have so much work to still do.

What would you say are your top 10 releases that you have put out through A389?

This changes every day, but right now I would say

INTEGRITY: Everything
RINGWORM The Promise 12″
GEHENNA The War Of The Sons Of Light and The Suns of Darkness 12″
JUNIOR BRUCE The Headless King 12″
THE LOVE BELOW Every Tongue Shall Caress 12″
FULL OF HELL Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home 12″
PULLING TEETH Funerary 12″
SERAPHIM The Light in The Distance 12″

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