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“Drowing in A Glass Bottle” – screamo band RESTE tease new split with CHIVÀLA

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With no tours and live shows and the current Coronavirus situation it’s been a rough few weeks for most of the artists, but it’s great to see most of them stay active and come up with different ideas to connect to their community. One of the obvious is staying creative and putting out new music, which has been our constant companion, comforting us in gloomy times like these. Our today’s guests, emotional screamo hardcore band RESTE (featuring Ryan Hill from YUSUKE – check out our last year’s special feature HERE) are putting together a new split collaboration with our Italian friends from CHIVÀLA , and it’s our pleasure to give you their new track called “Drowing in A Glass Bottle”, a well balances emotional rollercoaster presenting the calmer side of screamy post hardcore.

My personal frustrations with turning 30, I had a bit of a shock and went through some personal issues and I was having a bit of an existential crisis about where I am going and not feeling fulfilled in my life and happiness. That has passed now and I’ve become more spiritual. The song is also an expression of some sexual frustrations I was having at the time and being plagued by recurring dreams that kept leading me to question my reality and life choices.

The record reflects social alienation, isolation from relationships. The lyrics are quite personal to me.

RESTE artwork


“Two people gasping for air drowning in a pool of refuge,
I gasp for your air in a pool where my self is lost.
Fuck all the emotion in a way in a glass case.
You’ve buried me inside and I’m suffocating on empty air.
I feel my lungs in a dry spell.
You said the spring dries up romance,
Buried in a glass case of shards,
Fucked in the heat of the spring,
Fuck all, my emotion is drowning.
I hold a glass bottle and pour water down my throat,
I lapse into reveries of half assed dreams,
Reverie of monotony,
I can feel myself slipping into purgatory,
You said time heals all,
I feel your body shrivel up into a void,
My lungs full of seawater,
I’m coughing up blood,
I’ve let my eroticism consume me,
It fills my lungs and erases clarity.
I’ve choked on you and spat out blood,
Rusty love that decayed on a street.
Atrophy and decay on a corner,
Pool of my memory discarded in a bottle where secrets are kept inside.
Fuck all my secrets.”

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