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Zegema Beach Records shares new mega compilation: Zampler #17 is HERE!

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Zegema Beach Records has premiered the digital stream of the newest instalment of the legendary Zampler compilation series! The newest issue, dubbed ‘We Must Understand The Bugs’, just landed online and is available in the usual CD-R format. 125 copies are available.

The new collection of unique tracks from various screamo bands features 37 tracks, seven of which are previously unreleased from Apostles of Eris, Demersal, Letterbombs, Lower Automation, PORTREIT, REVERIE, snag, To Be Gentle. “You’ve also get new remasters from MOTEL BIBLE and RUHAEDA, as well as the remaining amazing cast.” – comments Dave from Zegema Beach Records. “TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR, SCENARIO, The Kidnap Soundtrack, MATSURI, hey predator!, SINE NOMINE, AMNESIAC, Minaret, O, Piet Onthel, OFF MINOR, GIRL ARM, Via Fondo, Youth Novel, Senza, Mouthing, Lacrima, AMU DARIA, Terry Green, RAINMAKING, YON, coma regalia, Nuvolascura, Wreck Of The Minotaur, LOFTUS, Crowning and Orphan Donor“.

Steregoum, who officially premiered the Zampler, commented: “Every month, without fail, the Zegema account serves up several incendiary screamo-adjacent releases, both new stuff from around the world and archival drops presenting some band’s full discography. There’s a fairly wide aesthetic range at work, everything from burly death metal to spindly post-hardcore, but if Zegema puts it out you can be certain it crushes.

If you are into violently emotive music, you’ve hit upon a goldmine here.”

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