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“Egolitarianism” – Portuguese hardcore punks BØW premiere new music video – watch here!

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BØW is a quintet whose home base is located in the cozy town of Santa Cruz, situated on the West Coast of Portugal. This hamlet is known for its unforgiving weather conditions, featuring strong sea winds that have seemingly imbued the band’s music with an inimitable level of intensity and ferocity. Comprising members of Don’t Disturb My Circles and Soul of Anus S, this punk/hardcore unit has already released one highly-praised EP entitled “Infectious Salty Assault,” as well as a new video for their song “Egolitarianism“, which we’re pleased to give you in its full glory above!

The collective is formed of four members, including Joao Coelho, Henr Que Reis, Serg O Prata, and Ru S Lva, all of whom have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to crafting infectious, powerful hardcore punk music. These members have played relentlessly throughout the Portuguese underground scene and at several festivals, where they have delivered frenetic, captivating live sets alongside other iconic bands. Their music evokes a potent, abrasive energy that feels simultaneously urgent and timeless, and their lyrics are filled with scathing critiques of the world around them, strikingly poignant and devastatingly honest.

BOW by @fa__ana
BOW by @fa__ana

BØW’s sound has been likened to the likes of legendary punk/hardcore acts such as Bad Brains and Trash Talk, as well as iconic grunge outfit Nirvana, alongside more recent acts like D.A.R.E., Candy, SPY, and Drain.

Their “Infectious Salty Assault” EP, released in 2022 on digital and tape formats via labels like Raging Planet, Regulator Records, Believe Hardcore, and Ring Leader, showcased a searing, urgent brand of hardcore punk, overflowing with sharp riffs, pummeling drums, and lyrics that hit with a devastating immediacy.

BØW’s latest video for “Egolitarianism” is a brutal, hard-hitting track that delivers a searing indictment of totalitarianism in all its forms. It’s a song that pulls no punches, an unabashed expression of anger and frustration aimed squarely at those who would seek to undermine the rights and dignity of others.


Guitarist Henrique Reis created the video in accordance with the band’s DIY ethos, a reflection of the collective’s unwavering commitment to creative independence and artistic integrity.

With their raw, powerful sound and unrelenting commitment to creating powerful, politically-charged punk/hardcore, BØW is poised to continue making waves throughout the Portuguese and international music scene.

With their new EP in the works, fans can look forward to more scorching tracks from this talented and driven collective.

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