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French screamo band EUX break down great new album “Mor(t)sang”

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French screamo band EUX are releasing their highly anticipated second album, “Mor(t)sang,” and we’re stoked to be a part of their new era and give you a special track by track rundown below! With nine tracks of melodic, incisive, and emotive chaos, “Mor(t)sang” marks a significant renaissance for EUX. The album features a guest appearance by Aurélien from Daïtro, who lends his distinctive vocals to the epic final track, “Après la mort, rien.”

Following their critically acclaimed debut LP, “Et les Autres,” the band has evolved into a powerful trio, and this new album promises to showcase their growth and development as musicians. “Mor(t)sang” is a thrilling, dynamic album that promises to cement their place in the pantheon of contemporary screamo.

The digital version of “Mor(t)sang” will be available on April 21st, 2023 through Hell Vice Records, while the vinyl version will be released on May 5th, 2023 by several independent record labels, including Voice of the Unheard, Sleepy Dog Records, Seaside Suicide, Zilp Zalp, and Saltamarges.

Following the album’s release, EUX will embark on a European tour in May 2023 with fellow French band TENACE.

“Mor(t)sang” is not only a musical evolution for the French screamo band, but also a lyrical exploration of various themes. From personal struggles to global issues, EUX takes on the challenge of addressing these topics with an emotional intensity that is characteristic of screamo.

Mor​(​t​)​sang by E U X
Mor​(​t​)​sang by E U X

“Avant” and “Pendant” serve as interludes, while “Dans ce Miroir” delves into the contradiction between optimism and depression. “Noir Salle” tackles the pandemic’s impact on the world of entertainment and the fleeting nature of solidarity, while “S’y Jeter” reflects on taking risks and facing fears. “Sur le Front” is a call to action to take care of the environment, and “Peste & Croyance” raises questions about religion’s role in today’s world. “Au Dela de la Tendresse” is a love song that explores the complexities of relationships, featuring a guest appearance from Anthony Lossmann of Lies We Sold. The final track, “Après la Mort, Rien,” features Aurélien from Daïtro and reflects on the concept of nothingness after death.

Each track tells a unique story that contributes to the album’s overarching themes of introspection, societal issues, and emotional exploration. Here’s the official commentary from the band:


We love that a record lives, breathes in and breathes out. You can find two interludes in the album. This first one, unstable and repetitive takes us to a disturbing atmosphere, then evolves into a rather proud feeling. As a promise to what we are happy to accomplish.


It refers to the contradiction that drives me between the optimism cradled by the positive elements of life and the depression of difficult times. Since our previous album « Et les autres », I have set myself the goal of not writing too much on a personal basis, this one is the exception. But don’t these notions speak to many people? It is the first song that we wanted to highlight on this album. We loved writing it and we always enjoy to play it. Every instrument takes its own place, the drums begins and finishes as an endless circle.


This is the track about what happened in 2020. It precisely deals with the world of entertainment that had to be put on hold because of the pandemic. Secondly, it highlights the solidarity that has started with this situation, but which finally (and unfortunately) quickly faded on some points. In French, « Noir salle » means « blackout », when the show starts, and all the lights shutdown. It can also mean that the venue is totally black and that the lights will maybe not come back. We decided to develop a long evolving guitar part to in the middle of the song. Since Flow plays bass in the band, our songs have now more time to evolve as a 3-piece band. We decided to have an epic and melodic end as we try to be as more optimistic as we can and let our music be as melancholic as sadness, rage, joy can be.


In the foreground, this song is about the experience of skydiving: getting into a plane, not very peaceful, stressed about what will happen. Then jumping out of it to find yourself alone in the air. In a suggestive way, we see a message for all when it comes to launching ourself towards the unknown, overcoming our fear. Take risks is a felling that changes through time and what we live. Comfort is a way of thinking that can be felt differently by and for people.


A melodious and flying breath, at heartbeat stops during this heartbreaking and percussive music.


The forest is an indispensable asset on earth. It purifies the air we breathe, it maintains the soil on which we evolve, it’s our third lung. And yet, we destroy it, we mistreat it, we do things that do not make sense. By allowing so many other ecological disasters, it is important to be on the frontline (« Sur le front ») to take care of it, to rebuild the future for us but especially for the next ones. It’s more than important to be grateful to what we have been given.


This song refers to religion, a vast subject of differences between opinions. Here we remain as objective as possible by simply reminding that Man is able to think by himself and does not need a spiritual being to guide him. The context is brought back to the idea of the Middle Ages where religion had a very important place: nowadays it can still create non-acceptance of individual choices, behaviors that we hate. Concerning the audio extract at the end, these are the words of a man, who precisely explains that proselytism must not interfer with people’s freedom of choice, speech and life.


This is a love song :) Beginning with the meeting, the excitement of the beginning, evolving towards the difficulties that a couple can encounter, to finally make the right choices, taking care of each other to still live together: being with someone is a long and widing road. The choice of a featuring on this song has been made on purpose to illustrate a couple, who expose eachother their vision of the relationship. Moreover, inviting Anthony to this sentimental song is not insignificant, considering the importance that he represents for the band and individually for each member. Anthony Lossmann sings in the band « Lies We Sold » and helped us with filming our videos, taking pictures of us. It’s our dear friend and could be our 4th secret member.


Everything is said in the title! Moreover, the title follows the album’s continuity (Avant = Before / Pendant = During / Après la mort, rien = After). We have always been listening to Daïtro, who has been a big influence for us. We just wondered: « Maybe we could ask Aurélien, its singer, to be on our album? » He said yes and we thank him so much for that. It’s very special for us in the band: as Daïtro is no more existing today, it perfectly ends the circle of the album and the song’s length and its texts does not finish « jamais/ever » . Aurélien sings on the whole song and wrote every words after we just gave him the title « Après la mort, rien », which means « After Death, nothing ».

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