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Electronic experimental act FORMANTS premieres new music video for “Nothing”

Our recently featured special guest FORMANTS (LOWER AUTOMATION‘s singer and guitarist Derek Allen) joins us today with his new music video for the song ““Nothing”, the opener for his debut release ‘You’d Think it Was a Mistake.’ The video for the song was a collaboration with Third Beacon Studios, who “took every track from the song and used them all to process the video into a beautiful, mesmerizing blob.”

Relentless in pursuit of genuine weirdness, “Nothing”pushes FORMANTS’ and intimate atmospherics to exhilarating, claustrophobic, sexy extremes. The result is visceral and oddly soothing.


“You’d Think it Was a Mistake” comes on 51 cassettes, 32 on synth swirl, 8 on shattered light swirl, 5 mystery swirls, 5 test dips with matching swirl case, and 1 golden tape. Tapes are available via Bandcamp only via Softseed Music, which is a new label run by David Norman from screamo label Zegema Beach Records.

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