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Emotional post hardcore act AMALIA BLOOM premiere new video for captivating new track “Vessel”

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Vicenza, Italy’s melodic, emotional post hardcore act AMALIA BLOOM spent the last year writing and recording their first album “Maiden Voyage”, a concept about a boy that, being unable to sleep, in front of his dreams, he deals with solitude, tragedy, him feeling lost in space/time and in his own self consciousness. The album, out on 24th April, will contain 8 tracks that try to shape their very large range of musical influences: classic hardcore with special attention for the DC and Boston scene, Californian pop punk and skate punk/rock, blackgaze, new school hardcore and mathcore as well as acoustic and midwest emo. In “Maiden Voyage” you can hear all of these influences, some are more evident, some others a bit less. After the recent premiere of the first new song “Chiaroscuro”, today we’re giving you the first listen of their new track “Vessel”, along with an amazing DIY music video, directed and edited by Diego Bonato (with the track being recorded, mixed and mastered by Yari Ricco @ Eyeless Recordings).

Vessel” is the very beginning of the journey. This song is about feeling and/or being lost in a storm of insecurities and the will to reach the shore. This song expresses, through fmetaphors and evocative imagineer, the need of finding something that would help the narrator to detect an oasis of peace (guarda il cielo).

The band will host their record release party on April 27th alongside Despite Exile, In Stasi and Junkstreet at Spingi! DIY FEST in Vicenza, Italy. “Maiden Voyage” comes out on April 24th via È Un Brutto Posto Dove Vivere Records (IT).

Amalia Bloom is a five piece post-hardcore band coming from Vicenza, Italy. The project was born at break of 2018 from the ashes of Mr. Day and Frode Alimentare, even though the record was already in the works in 2017. We defo want to play as much as we can and, overall, tour Europe as soon as possible. We are looking for bookings/labels and zines from all over Europe (and the world too) to spread our music. We have been working on this record for at least two years, so we wish to let a large number of people know that we exist!

“Vessel” Lyrics:

I’ve been sinking down with the ship I used to lead, deeper that the Marianas Trench,
while something lacked within me:
a scope. After the rain, the calm, a gap in the clouds,
the light of the sun that enshrouds me.

Once, I
to be carried away by a man, who found my body, dead, hanged to the
A violent epilogue, to me the most peaceful end.

Back then,

I saw Polaris fade through the mist
and lost the landmarks to draw the route,
so I sat, lowered motion, for I remembered: “If the bottle does not break, …”

Oh, sometimes I still wonder if
it’s real, all I eye,
and answers, something I can not find.

While the tissues white were waving wistfully to consecrate the sailing, I was not sure whether I would reach the subsequent port, so I made a solemn pledge to myself:
to remember, the night before, the soothing words of a friend, who said:
“… guarda il cielo.”

I’ve cast it with strenght, it
did not break.
The tide rises and I
start to shake.

To someone the worst of latter ends, to me, in retrospect, the most blissful event.
In the eye of the storm is where I am

right now.

But as Polaris fades through the mist,
the compass stings paper and draws the route
so I stand on the ocean, beholding my whole world, facing it again.
The squall led to shipwreck
but I’ve been Robinson Crusoe.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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