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Emotive hardcore band CIRCLES brings more Washington DC inspired vibes on new single “Coruscation”; THE CURE cover included

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Born in 2017 around Nantes/France, CIRCLES (featured on IDIOTEQ in 2019) plays an heavily Washington DC influenced hardcore, also inspired by the more melodic turnover of a part of the hardcore scene in the mid 80s. Fueled with punk culture in all its diversity, the 5 members of Circles blend a positive and political approach of hardcore, with lyrics focusing on the idea that it is necessery to emancipate ourselves from the current world through collective action and the joy we can find in it.

In 2017 Circles released there first demo, quickly pressed on vinyl by Shield, Assurd, Crapoulet and CanISay? Records. One year later the band returned their first EP called Resonate on Unity Worldwide Records, and curently they are writing their first LP to record in 2022. Coruscation marks their new single and third release overall and will be released as a 7” on the 29th of October via Shield Recordings from The Netherlands.

Lyrics wise, the new song follow the issues tackled on the Resonate EP,  “focusing on the battle going on now between people with a will of emancipation and the repression/reactionary forces and how to cope with this.”

“A coruscation is a brief flash of light,” – comments the band, “and with the intensification and almost omnipresence of fascist values and discourse, state brutality and all the reactionary actions and ideas that the bourgoisie is desesperatly trying to inforce facing the increasing discontent of the people, we try to to look at the small sources of hope, the brief glimpses of beauty that we can find in political resistance, throught protestations and activisim.”

The new single was recorded with Pierre Antoine Parrois of Papier Tigre and La Colonie De Vacances. “We were looking to sound a bit different from our previous records.” – says the band. “We even used synths and tambourine and the b-side features a The Cure cover, the single format was an opportunity to try these kind of things, being the most emo we ever been and to take risks!”

Circles - Coruscation - art by Marie Laforg
Circles – Coruscation – art by Marie Laforge

Asked about some more inspirations and other bands worth looking into, CIRCLES have recommended a couple of really good acts you should follow immediately!

“Our friends Heavy Heart from Nantes just released their third LP lately, check it if you like good songwriting, awesome vocals and indie/emopop.

Nightwatchers from Toulouse just dropped a really good record too, political punkrock in the vein of The Observers.

Neuf Volts is a brand new band from Tours playing some early Californian hardcore.

Last Night just released their new record too, dark punkrock with a garage feeling.

Also look out for Tiny Voices from Angers, previously known as Wank For Peace who are going to drop one of the best albums of the year!

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