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Emotive indie band SLOW BLOOMER release new video “Delicate Apathy”

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SLOW BLOOMER, a 4-piece emotive indie alt rock act from Dresden, Germany formed with members of REASON TO CARE and CONTINENTS, released their debut EP Gravel Between Teeth in mid 2015. They have toured Europe for a while before taking a step back and diving into the writing and recording process of their debut full length Nudity. “Delicate Apathy” is the first track to be released from the record and we’re thrilled to share this new music video. SLOW BLOOMER have implemented unique color schemes and have worked really hard to bridge the gap between art and alt rock music. It is is full of great images and mind trickery. Watch below an stay tuned for a full record, coming on March 10th through Flood Records (BE), Miss The Stars Records (DE), Koepfen (DE), Midsummer Records (DE) and Through Love Records (DE).

On Nudity Slow Bloomer slowed down their songs and calmed down the vocals. The band took the free jazz and jangly sound from Cap’n Jazz and put them on dreamy songs you could compare to Seahaven.

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