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Emotive pop punk rockers CARRY ON, KID record premiere & track-by-track commentary

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Emo pop punk rock act CARRY ON, KID have recently shared a cool new lyric video for their song “And They Gathered In The Gardens”, and today we’re stoked to give you the full stream of their new record We Belong To Each Other, slated for a Hidden Home Records release tomorrow, January 12, 2018, just in time for their shows with Rob Lanterman on January 12th in Rexburg, ID @ The Basement, and January 13th in Provo, UT @ Some Guy’s Garage!

Just like their predecessors, “We Belong To Each Other” feels touched by a melancholy tone that recalls bands like THE EARLY NOVEMBER, THE GET UP KIDS, and THE DANGEROUS SUMMER*, and serves as a perfect follow up to their first two EPs. Certain melodies and might be a bit too sugary for some, but its honest, organic feel keeps the whole thing on a highly enjoyable level from start to finish. For me, this record perfectly captures the essence of 90s/00s emo pop punk that have us so many thrills years ago, and shows a band that’s only just getting off the ground, but already has a lot good vibes to offer. Listen to the full record below and check out the full track-by-track breakdownby the band’s vocalist and gu itarist Christian Anderson!

Tarzan – I wrote Tarzan about a year and a half before WBTE was finished. It’s a simple concept. Love in our society has become such a strange, ambiguous term that it’s hard to define what it is and how to show it. To me, the way to show it is through time and sacrifice.

Cameron’s song – My favorite song lyrically. Surprisingly not about Cameron at all. The song is about a girl I was friends with in high school and her suicide. The lyrics in the verses and chorus reflect things she actually told me that stuck with me. She was an amazing individual and is thoroughly missed.

And They Gathered in the Gardens – Gardens was originally a totally different song but I never finished it and loved the guitar and melody. I took those and created a new song about a year before we finished the record. It talks about coming to terms with sadness and who I’ve become. Sometimes we get complacent with our lives and that ultimately can lead to a steep downward spiral.

Continued below…

Leap – Super fun and very poppy song about being sick of me being sad and depressed. It took me a while to realize that the only way I would get better was by getting off my butt and being human again.

Coarse – I wrote this song ER, originally as a poem. I had just gotten back from living abroad and upon arrival in the States my grandfather fell ill. I spent a while with him in the ER and got to learn so much about him. The song is about that and about the principles I learned from him and have applied in my life as a young adult.

The Gist of It – we all have expectations of ourselves and it kills us when we can’t achieve them. It’s even worse when someone we love has expectations and we fail to live up to them. This song is to someone I knew who struggles with seeing success. Honestly, it’s about everyone that struggles seeing the big picture and that no matter what, you are never cast as a failure.

Stay with me – This song is one of the most meaningful to me. I had a best friend abroad who was around 85 when I met him. We spent a lot of time together and getting to know him was a treat every day. When I left to come back to America, I knew I’d probably never see him again but I promised him I would try and come back. He said, “no matter what, I’ll see you in heaven, I promise”. He died the week I returned home. Stay with me is a hopeful song about what he taught me, how hard the loss was, and how great the reunion will be.

Waterfall – perspective is key. We all know that life can be a bitch. We as humans always seem to be drawn to destruction and negativity. Positive things always are overshadowed in reality and in hindsight but Id we can keep perspective and keep our eyes on the beautiful things in life, I firmly believe we find happiness.

Jayne – This song is the sister of the first song on the record. It’s about my friends. It’s about the group of people I met at school that understood me and helped me be happy and find purpose. Their support has meant everything to me. People sometimes look at others that are different and judge them based upon their own moral or social bias, but in reality we are all beautiful. This song wraps up the album. It’s true, we have no peace when we have forgotten that we all belong to each other.


* by the way THE DANGEROUS SUMMER, the band have released a video for their new song, ‘Ghosts’, taken from their upcoming fourth self-titled album, which will be released on the 26th January via Hopeless Records. GO HERE to check it out.

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