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Emotive screamo act DOOIE MUS release new EP; offer a track by track commentary

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Dutch 2-piece emoviolence hardcore act DOOIE MUS (DEAD SPARROW) have recently dropped their second demo recording and despite its pristine DIY manner, it’s a firm step forward lyrically and musically. Recorded live in studio, “II” exposes the band’s remarkable vocals and heart wrenching sonic ideas poured into each of their tracks that bring back some of the best memories from the golden screamo era of the late 90s and early 00s. Listen below, download for free and scroll down to see their official word on each track.

Straks” – Is the last part of a trilogy we wrote about time (in Dutch). The first to parts ”Toen” (”Then”) and “Nu”(”Now”) can be found on the first demo. ”Straks”, meaning ”Later” in Dutch is about planning your time, doing things you (really) want to do before its to late, but also being able to stand still and enjoy all the good moments you’ve had. Maybe you have regrets about thing you’ve didn’t do (or should have done different) but you can do them different now. We thing that society nowadays focus to much on things you HAVE to do, get a good job (and work for 50 hours a week), travel around the world (and ‘find’ yourself), get 500 friends on Facebook, be super good looking and so on. But it’s oke to not do those things, you can also enjoy the little things in life, go to shows (or other things YOU love), be with friends and family (or not if you don’t want!).

Night owls” – A song about not being able to sleep. We both ‘suffer’ from this problem. It sucks if you want to sleep and you can’t. Mostly because you think to much. The thing you want then is your brain saying ‘fuck it’ so you can go to sleep. But it’s not that easy and it’s very frustrating.

Robert Long” – This started as a joke, but became more serious when we made the lyrics. Robert Long was a Dutch musican/comedian and made a song called ”Dooie Mus”. So we returned the favour. He was openly homosexual in the 70’s, a time when it wasn’t as accepted as it now is. Also he had critical views on religion. He found ways to express himself using satire, humor and music. He never backed down despite being very controversial. We like to give him a homage supporting his view on the world.

Give Me A Reason To Get Out Of Bed, Put On Some Pants, Get Some Coffee And Maybe Breakfast’‘ – This title is pretty self explanatory :)

Gedenk Te Sterven” – Dutch translation of Latin expression ”Momento Mori”, ”Gedenk Te Sterven” is about the fact that life is finite. It critics religion, it’s scary that people think they know ‘the all-knowing truth’.

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