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New Jersey’s PARCH premiere new song “Knee Deep in Devils”

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I guess we can go ahead and add another band to the growing list of newer punk bands reinvigorating the American hardcore scene. These guys are called PARCH, they feature members of TOO LATE, BASKET, THESE BRANCHES, and are about to release their debut EP this Friday! We have teamed up with them to give you the first listen of one of the new songs called “Knee Deep in Devils”! With both noisy riffs and sick, almost frightening vocals weighted so they’re heavy enough to bludgeon, the self-titled debut from PARCH pull no punches. Check out the official word explaining more details on the new track and scroll down to watch their previously released video for “Harsh Soil”!

Singer Billy Applegate commented:

When I was younger I used to only make decisions based on trying to make my friends happy.They were literally all I cared about. My father used to tell me that the older you get that I will see that for the most part everyone is out for themselves and that this quality I had would get me walked on. My whole life I have had this problem and it’s still something I have a hard time with. I suppose I am a fool.

Guitarist Nick Hertzberg added:

This was the last song we wrote for the debut EP. We just finished writing the track that comes before it, “The Teeth,” and wanted something that was thrashy and short to follow it up. I had the original riff idea in mind for quite some time, but didn’t know how to round it out. Chris (Hordis, drums) helped work on the structure and transitions quite a bit. The ending chord progression is much catchier and (almost) upbeat compared to what we thought it would be originally…but we liked the false glimmer of hope it might give amongst all of the gloom that came before and after it.

PARCH’s debut, self-titled, self-recorded EP is out this Friday, August 18th on Sineater Records. The band will play their first show at Kung Fu Necktie venue in Philadelphia with DROWSE, LOW LIFE and MANBEAST.


Just leave me alone
Stay away from me
I have nothing for you
I have nothing left
I have nothing to say
People like you fade away
I don’t care where you’ve been
I don’t care where you’re from
I don’t care what you’ve done
People like you fade away
People like you fade the fuck away

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