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ENDLESS expand post hardcore aesthetics with intense, cinematic landscapes on new album “Lapse: The Guilt We Hold”

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Shortly after the release of their captivating second EP Lapse: The Guilt We Hold, Central New Jersey based atmopsheric, emotional post hardcore band ENDLESS are back to our pages with a special track by track commentary for all six tracks that expound on the undeniable importance of self-worth and the dichotomy of using seemingly dark situations as motivation to overcome.

Building on the tension found within the foundations of post-hardcore by intertwining various piano, synth, and orchestral arrangements, the band’s aggressive dynamics, gentle melodies, and melancholy progressions are wholly their own.

ENDLESS says, “This EP hopes to resonate with those ready to put their foot down on how they let the world affect their mood and hope, that when they listen, they understand we’ve been there and in turn find understanding within their struggle.”

ENDLESS is: Dan Ward (vocals), Scott Schmidt (guitar), Pete Ross (guitar), Andrew Archey (bass), and Brett Miller (drums).

FFO: Casey, Touché Amore, Being As An Ocean, Deafheaven

Track by track commentary, by singer Dan Ward:

Sun Poisoning

“The declaration you make to yourself when you’re ready to start speaking to yourself in a respectful manner. It felt appropriate to lead the record with such a positive and strong foot forward since the last record ended on a helpless note so it creates a stronger tone”


“The acceptance of death and the realization that life is a cyclical pattern that can be molded and controlled. Us as the keepers of life need to realize our ability to control outcomes so in so many words it’s a song celebrating the real power of genuine human experiences”


“Thorns lyrical inspirations came to me throughout all of 2020. Where I was experiencing a great internal conflict. I had recently weeded out toxic connections in my life but the dichotomy of any situation posed the question, ‘Am I at all toxic at times?’. Thorns is shunning all negative interactions whether it be something you can control or identifying times when you can be your own worst critic.”


“Returning to the process of removing toxic patterns and people in life. Lapse is the rhetorical question of “Did I lose time to these situations”. The answer is always the same but lapse is the loop of being stuck in a cycle of regret as opposed to being in the moment and finding a foothold to move beyond said regret. Lapse was difficult to write in terms of being the most vulnerable lyrically but it felt great to get this all out on paper.”

The Guilt We Hold

“This track is a look in the mirror, an honest assessment of the active addiction and romanticism we give to chaotic situations. No matter how much we’d love to say it’s our last time being tethered to something devastating. The initial charge we get will always have us chasing familiar comforts.”

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