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Epic post rock filled screamo punks ALTAIR roars with emotionally maximalist opus – new single “Tres Cruces” streaming!

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Madrid emotional screamo / post hardcore band ALTAIR checked in on IDIOTEQ with their excellent 2019 album “Nuestro Enemigo” and today, it’s our great pleasure to give you their newest single, off of the upcoming album “Siempré habrá luces en otro lugar”, to be released on May 25th. On her new album, the wonderfully bold five-piece proves they have lost none of their innovative brilliance and maintain their strong trajectory, full of compelling and striving heights. “Tres Cruces” offers a tasteful and super intense execution of the genre that becomes more rewarding with every listen.

“This song is about relationships I have with people I’ve known thanks to the band.” – comments the band.

“I wanted to speak about uncomfortable situations, conversations that go nowhere and how fragile this kind of friendships they are, to make myself think my words through, to be nice and to feel like if I was shaping my personality because of that. Of how unreal is to socialize like that, useless situations.

The title of the song makes reference to the street where is located the venue where we have attended and played the most. Good and bad memories on my back.”

ALTAIR are releasing a vinyl edition of the album through Pundonor Records of 300 copies, which will be distributed across Europe later this Spring and Summer.


Un impostor camina a contracorriente.
Un fantasma, una serpiente.
Sometido bajo el ruido de este ambiente.
No es capaz de escucharse.
Casi nadie lo reconoce.
Ya no es interesante.
Y sabe más de la mitad de los secretos
de los que están aquí presentes.
Cansado de fingir por la gente
y de congeniar con la mala suerte.
Solo quiere escabullirse y volver a su escondite.
Cerrar su falso escaparate.
¿Qué pretendes siendo así de agradable?
¿Qué ocultas bajo tu reluciente maquillaje?
¿Por qué intentas abrazarme si ni siquiera te acuerdas de mi nombre?
Si ni siquiera sabes cómo soy.
Esta vez no tienes que seguir.
No tienes que fingir.
Me apartaré de ti.
Aléjate de mí.

English lyrics below:



An impostor walks against the flow
A ghost, a snake
Subdued under the noise of this environment
He is not able to listen to himself
Almost anyone recognizes him
He is not interesting anymore
And he knows more than half of the secrets
of those who are here
Tired of pretending for people
and to get along with bad luck
He just wants to run away and come back to his hiding place
Close down his false showcase
What do you intend by being so nice?
What are you hiding behind your shiny makeup?
Why are you trying to hug me if you don’t even remember my name
If you don’t even know how I am
This time you don’t have to keep on
You don’t need to pretend
I’ll walk away from you
Keep away from me

The band’s previous single Medias Verdades (Half Truths) premiered earlier last week and you can check it out below.


“The actual misinformation is a parasite. They are lying to us even knowing everything that is happening around.” – explains the band.

“This way they bombard us every day through the media and we keep swallowing until we choke. It’s frustrating to grow up to this and see it constantly around. The problems of our society unfairly fall on the same people, and not the people that cause them.

The idea for this song came to me after the arrest of a spanish rapper called Pablo Hasel for some of his lyrics, which was widely spread by the media in the middle of quarantine, and it was simply devastating to hear all the bullshit that was being said on TV at that time…”


¿Qué tengo que hacer para desfogarme?
¿Por qué estoy apretando los dientes?
Las malas lenguas están hambrientas.
Calientan su labia para devorarme.
Sucias mentiras y medias verdades.
Acribillan mi entereza hasta romperme.
No hay descanso.
No hay amor.
Todo lo que observo cae en picado.
Todo lo que dicen cae en mis brazos.
Todo lo que existe cae en mis brazos.
¿Qué más puedo hacer si ya no me quedan fuerzas?
El declive se acerca, se cierne sobre mi conciencia.
Soy preso de esta gran tormenta.


What do I need to do to let out?
Why am I gritting my teeth?
Evil tongues are hungry
They prepare their loquacity jus to eat me up
Dirty lies and half-truths
They riddle my strength until I break down
There is no rest
There is no love
Everything I watch plummets
Everything they say falls into my arms
Everything that exists falls into my arms
What else can I do if I’m no longer strong
Decline is approaching, looms over my conscience
I’m prisoner of this huge storm

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