HIRAKI by Malte Riis
HIRAKI by Malte Riis
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Danish progressive noise rock act HIRAKI releases new remix album this week

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Later this week, on May 13th, Nefarious Industries will release Alterer, a remix album of the 2021 Stumbling Through The Walls LP by Danish progressive noise rock act HIRAKI. The latest single, a reworking of “Common Fear” as remixed by Satelle, is now streaming.

Alterer features reworkings from ten artists who stem from a wide and varied array of musical backgrounds but have been selected by HIRAKI because of their superb ears and skills within sound transformation. The compilation is a nonprofit project brought to life by Solidarity Reworks, a new venture by visual artist, multi-instrumentalist, and HIRAKI vocalist Jon Gotlev (noheroes.dk). The project brings together artists and cultural activism in a nonprofit creative collective. The outcome is super limited edition music reworks and apparel – all in favor of a good cause that deserves more attention.

Among the contributing artists are friends from exquisite hardcore acts such as LLNN, Hexis, and Eyes. But the list also boasts of renowned EDM artists such as MirrorSHIP and Malou Mørkeberg. The Danish masters of art-pop KH Marie have even translated and re-sung all of the vocals for their version of “Wonderhunt.”

Alterer will see release on randomly mixed colored vinyl, hand assembled by HIRAKI, and limited to 200 unique records. All profits from the vinyl sales benefit MSF / Doctors Without Borders (msf.org).

The artist Satelle reveals, “My ‘Common Fear’ rework reimagines HIRAKI’s original industrial anthem as a noisy, catchy shoegaze endeavor. Jon’s rhythmically off-kilter vocal manifesto effortlessly floats atop a lo-fi, reverb-soaked backdrop that twists itself (with the help of The Armed vocalist Cara Drolshagen) into lush, distortion-heavy daydream fuel.”

Stream Satelle’s remix of “Common Fear” where the previously-issued video for the John Cxnnor rework of the same song is also playing at THIS LOCATION.

Alterer will see release next Friday, May 13th. See the wide range of random colors and hand-assembled vinyl and find preorders for the vinyl and all digital platforms at the Nefarious Industries webshop HERE.

“When recording and releasing a song you often end up with a feeling that this particular track couldn’t have sounded any other way. We are completely blown away by the creativity of the artists and how they have been able to find and enhance sounds and melodies below the noises that we ourselves didn’t even know were there,” says HIRAKI guitarist Tue Schmidt Rasmussen.


“It was important for us to also include musicians that normally operate in genre spectrums far from what we do. This has truly brought some beauty and diversity to our harsh universe and the track list comes together just perfectly,” says drummer Tim Frederiksen.

Jon Gotlev elaborates: “By transforming the original artwork or creating a new expression for a musical piece, I feel a strong connection to the artists behind it and really strive to grasp their deepest intentions with the work in order to create something unique. In general, the world is in urgent need for a higher degree of unity.”

hiraki by Malte Riis
hiraki by Malte Riis

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