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Experimental, jazz infused grindcore band PAPEROGA hire their granda for a hilarious new video!

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Straight from the heart and their twisted minds, and it sounds it! PaperogA‘s new album “SANTA”, out on 11th June 2021 via Subsound Records, shows how to conjure up a great engaging genre blender on the impulse of the moment. The offering dispenses with standard, often generic rhythms in favor of an industrial-noise collage, avant-garde experimentalism, and jazz infused improvisations that blend into a unique experience that’s both arty and free-spirited.

Today, we’re super stoked to feature the Italian eccentrics and give you their newest music video for “SOLERO 3000”, the second single from “SANTA”, casting their grandpa Serafino Mancini.

Comments the band: “Memory is critical. Important. It doesn’t represent only an image of something that has been, but it fixes the idea, generating culture, freshness, colors, in a word, generating SUMMER. PaperogA has a grandfather and this grandfather has a long memory that takes him back to the days of the elementary school recital of which he remembers perfectly his part. Grandpa loves ice cream, especially fruit ice cream covered by the layers of time.”


Since 2008 heart & deep sweating
primitive sonic assault
no consciousness/no decency
digging noise in da face/wall rides
vomiting electronic drum beats/lot of shit
outside/no clichè
seeing is believing

Contact the band via [email protected]. Follow theim on Facebook, Bandcamp and Instagram at pape.roga

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