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Experimental post punk act PRY reveals exploratory LP; offers track-by-track commentary

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Hailing from Reno, Nevada, Watson Meyer’s PRY isn’t your average post punk act. Do not be deceived by the ‘one-man band’ moniker as PRY consists of a rotating cast of incredible supporting musicians of varying residences. They just put together a great, cutting edge debut record, proving that they know how to make a pretty bold statement that will leave you pondering for days, infecting you further with every listen, and sounding like they came to an apex in exploring new frontiers and getting to the fringes of their multi-layered art.

Catch the band live on their record release show on March 18th, alongside  THE BRANKAS and FAILURE MACHINE, at The Holland Project in Reno, Nevada, a venue that’s become a staple for touring artists. Check out the official word from the organizer and be sure to drop by if you’re near.

Since it’s inception, Pry has evolved from surf and country influenced indie band into a powerhouse of abstract and experimental post-punk; utilizing harsh dynamic changes, bombastic drumming, and massive guitar sounds to bolster up the poetic and spoken aspects of Meyers deeply interpersonal songwriting. With a larger ex-members list than your favorite classic rock band, Pry now consists of Watson Meyer, Dylan Griest, Nathan Lachner, and John Walker. Due to the unique nature of this show, expect some very special guests to recreate to the best of their ability their new album; Attribution Reluctance (Humaniterrorist Records).

PRY video by Robbie Racine
PRY by Robbie Racine

Recorded and mixed by Colin Christian at Wires & Noise; Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx; Releasing on Humaniterrorist Records

Death Of Sleep

This song came from age getting the best of me. As I get older my body and mind start to fail a lil more than I ever would like it to. Insomnia played a strong role in this feeling I’m sure. The first part is the physical feeling of your body failing and the second lies in more of the mental space that you get lost in. There is a major loss of your own control when this happens. It just happens

Feel That weight

About a year ago a close friend was outed for sexual abuse, and this song is my personal anger and frustration in how he handled it. It’s the gut feeling of wanting to force his hand into doing the right thing, but struggling with not being able to do much. So badly did i want to have more control, but the helplessness felt so overwhelming.

Where am I?

The whole intent of this song is a personal descent into insanity in a comfortable, freeing way. The song reflects that in it length and constant repetition. I loved the idea of the song getting lost in the back of your mind, and forgetting about it until it creeped back in. For me, the chorus came from struggling with being able to talk to people without it feeling so unnatural.

Trust Yourself

This song is all about trusting yourself and only yourself, and how wrong you can be. It’s thinking you’re doing the absolute right thing, but you are actually hurting other people. Separating support and selfishness can can turn grey very fast when I get something out of giving, and that can turn a good deed sour when I start desiring more or expecting more from people who don’t owe me anything. I wrote this song as a knock on the head to keep myself in check.

Stain of You

This one hurts a little more than the rest because its recalling a memory of a businessman bashing a homeless man with a steel milkshake canister. All the other patrons were laughing and recording the whole experience as if it made their day. When I went outside to see how the gentleman was, beer was staining his clothes and blood was streaming down his head. When he saw me, his eyes were filled with a kind of fear I’ve never seen. Shortly after he ran away. I still beat myself up about not acting then and there. Why was I so frozen that i couldn’t speak up for him? That level of social control that the businessman had over the homeless gentleman let no charges be pressed. All they got was a good laugh. That burger joint was called Beefy’s Burgers in Reno, NV.

Dear You

Most of the time I think about when I see manipulation, it’s strikes very close. It your parents, your partner, a teacher, a coworker, organized religion, or a close friend who takes advantage of how you work or what you do to get something. As I thought about all the times someone manipulated me, I also found myself recalling all the times I’ve done the same. Cheating on a partner, lying to close ones, or using a close friend for what they can do. The song is split by both sides of that coin.

Shadow Of An Uncle

TW: sexual abuse

For me this is the emotional heavy hitter. When I was old enough, my mom told me about her uncle in the family and how he sexually abused every young girl in the family. She told me all the details, and the nightmares she would have after. Writing a song about him would give a light to someone who didn’t deserve one, so I decided to redirect the song to talk about my mother, and my aunt choosing to be the only vocal ones in the whole family to speak up against him in every situation. The rest of the family wanted to keep it muffled, because of how uncomfortable and close to home it was. My mother was relentless in keeping it in the limelight, all the way until finally his own son decided to call the cops on the abuser. He died in jail and my mom is still the bad ass she always was. My mom took control back in a way i’m not sure I could ever do.

I Am Caesar

When recording the album I wanted to bring one song from my first EP and re-record it. I am Caesar seemed most fitting due to the lyrics tying to a rush of power i felt sitting on a rock overlooking a lake in California. I think as the song has evolved it has had more of yet another knock on the head to remind myself that I can also become greedy with control and manipulation as well.

Car Crash

I wrote this song with one phrase in my head. “When you’re young, you’re invincible” I wanted the song to feel like a car going downhill with no brakes. I wanted to take the feeling of the world in the palm of your hands, and no end in sight. I also specifically wrote this song because my buds in the band People With Bodies released a song under the same title.

Seeing Red

This song settles in a pool of frustration, tension, and built up pressure that, without release, can consume someone. I wanted it to feel like the gritting of teeth or knuckles clenched so hard they turn white, and as if that feeling was winning. Losing control of your own self in the heat of a moment or when you let bad thoughts wander can take over. You can make dangerous decisions in the heat of the moment.

Change will bleed

In a mirror image of “seeing red”, this song drives to take control back. I see it as a cathartic ride to a sense of peace and understanding. All the lyrics for me are personality traits I have come to an understanding with, and started to feel proud of. Control can take disgusting forms, but doesn’t have to.

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