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Introducing: emotive hardcore / screamo act IN MEMORIES

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It’s hard to not be awestruck by emotional hardcore, emotive post hardcore and screamo’s loving tribute to the worldwide hardcore punk scene of the last 3 decades. Almost 30 years since its inception within records from Heroin, Antioch Arrow, and Ebullition Records, and later reinventions from now cult classics like Orchid, Pg. 99, Saetia, Neil Perry, La Quiete, Tristan Tzara, City of Caterpillar, Jeromes Dream, Amanda Woodward, Mihai Edrisch, or Ampere, screamo is constantly expanding and still up for debate. We hear a lot of identifiable factors of this style in many modern offerings, though many bands add they own flavours and the lines can get blurred. And that’s the real beauty about the constant evolution of music centered communites, conducted by a plethora of independent bands and artists from all over the globe. Today, we’re giving you IN MEMORIES, the newest addition to the local emotive hardcore / screamo scene of Athens, Goergia.

Their debut EP comes out in cooperation with local label Star Rats Records, features artwork by Athens based painter and illustrator Christine Zito, and can be heard for the first time in its full glory below. Check it out and scroll down to see the band’s forst hand commentary for each of the 4 tracks.

Catch the band live at the following shows:

3/26 with Kneeler and BUTT
4/21 with Dead Neighbors and Ultra Deluxe

Tracked at 168 Recording Studio / Mixed by Al Daglis / Mastered by Azimuth Mastering


If the effort is worth the pain, then maybe this plan will work. The pieces fall slow but patience is all I have, and maybe that patience is what’s hurting me. Failing to seize the day and cradle it in my arms. Accept the world as it is. No god. No law. Just another day another choice to make, tossing and turning to the world moving.

The lion and the lamb:

You’ll be the lion and I’ll be the lamb, and she is waiting and I’ve given up hope. She goes all night till the break of dawn and when there is nothing left she creates more. All love in vain, all blood in veins. Till its spilling out in front of me, and I know it’s my fault. Move on to tomorrow on to the ashes of destiny. Cause what we love destroys us, till you’re starting in the mirror wondering if you wasted your life, your love, your pride.


From here to the horizon, death goes on forever. And if I could leave then I would, cause this place has me hanging my head and biting my tongue. I miss the Lakes and rivers, I miss the echo from the mountains, the smell of pines, it’s not much but it beats this uneasy feelings and can’t stop thinking. Thinking.


It consumes me, like the void of space, drowning in desire, dying to feel alive. And I’ve come to terms that I’ll never be happy but that’s okay. Blooming dead flower, keepers of the gloom the second course of the journey begins, watch over me. On and on, days go on, on and on.


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