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Expired Tradition: confronting the elusive American Dream with MORAL POLLUTION’s “Nightmare of Reality”

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Today, we present you with a fresh, adrenaline-charged premiere from the metallic hardcore punk band, Moral Pollution. The band is here with a new single from their upcoming cassette release, set to take you on a high-octane ride. Their newest teaser comes in the form of a new track called “Expired Tradition“, which we’re stoked to give you for the first hearing below.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Moral Pollution boasts an impressive roster with members from some of the state’s most renowned hardcore bands – True Love, XtyrantX, and Fight It Out. Unleashing another EP laden with aggression and discontent, the band further refines their signature blend of crust punk-inspired hardcore in their new release, “Nightmare of Reality.”

After their debut with the self-titled EP in December 2022, “Nightmare of Reality” builds on the band’s foundational sound, evolving it to exhibit even more raw power and urgency. This EP is a testament to Moral Pollution‘s commitment to their relentless assault, a voice they hope will reverberate throughout Detroit and beyond.

Expired Tradition is about attempting to live a life deemed successful by society’s outdated ideas and the harsh realization that it is not possible for a majority of people who are struggling to survive daily life. The idea that it’s easier to lose hope and accept the fact that the American dream is just that, a dream.” – comments the band.


Moral Pollution‘s new release is being presented by Setterwind Records, with the cassette and digital versions due out on July 28, 2023. For those eager to secure their copy, preorders have been made available since July 14.

Adding to the anticipation, a lathe-cut vinyl edition is also on the way, coming soon from Heroes and Martyrs. This is certainly an exciting time for fans of the band, offering various ways to experience the band’s potent sonic onslaught.


Fans of Disfear, Integrity, and Tragedy – and indeed, anyone with an affinity for high-energy metallic hardcore punk – should brace for impact.

For the remainder of 2023, Moral Pollution will play shows throughout the Midwest including the 20th anniversary of Bleeding Through’s “This Is Love, This is Murderous” August 19th in Pontiac MI. In addition to supporting “Nightmare of Reality”, they have begun writing for their next release tentatively due out in 2024.


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